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02-25-2015, 07:46 PM
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It's not exactly the priority of everyone, but I think its horse-crap and needs to be fixed because it offends me plain and simple. I'd be snail-mailing this out to every MP in the country. But they'd all get it anyways.

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There is a critical error in Canadian Law which myself and likely thousands of others have discovered and needs immediate correcting. In the Firearm’s Act it states that the following firearms are restricted/prohibited:

A pistol of any antique action (matchlock, wheel-lock, flintlock, or percussion cap) are categorized as restricted if the barrel is over 105mm or prohibited if the barrel is 105mm or less. And if they were manufactured after December 31, 1898 at 24:00hrs.

And the following firearms are classified as non-restricted:

Any percussion-cap muzzle-loader rifle/musket manufactured after 1898.

I strongly encourage you to take 10-minutes and read through this section of the Firearm’s Act: SOR/98-209, if the Firearm’s Act is unknown or unclear, to understand fully the rest of this letter. As well any clarification on the difference between/function of matchlock, wheel-lock, flintlock, or percussion cap muskets/rifles/pistols/shotguns may be easily obtained from Google.ca.

After reading what laws are required for the storage, display, and transport of non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited firearms you can see that in the case of muzzle-loader firearms these laws are entirely unnecessary.

Firstly, my research on US and Canadian firearm criminal statistics found there was never mention of a muzzle-loader used. In fact a search on the internet will reveal almost nothing, except for extensive articles and legislature of convicted felons in the United States being able to purchase and own muzzle-loaders due to no being classified as firearms at all. How bewildering that even the criminal in the United States can be trusted fully with a muzzle-loader firearm. But law-abiding Canadians are still red-tapped and harassed with unnecessary legalities for an ancient tool which presents zero risk to public safety. With respect, North American crimes haven’t been committed with these firearms in perhaps over 100 years or more. Anyone with the intent on hurting another person will not do it with an antique (in style or age) muzzle-loader pistol, musket, or rifle. That would be illogical and foolish.

Secondly, to have such an arbitrary date placed on when firearms are considered antique is unprofessional and uninformed. A flintlock pistol made on December 31, 1898 at 23:59hrs, under Canadian law classifies that pistol as an antique which means it may be fired safely on private and crown-land (in accordance to Provincial and Federal land-use laws). The next firearm that came off the line at 00:01 on January 1, 1899 is now classified as a restricted (or even prohibited) and may only be fired on a range, after the owner undergoes a firearm’s safety course and up to 6 months of paper-work (in my experience), and obtains an Authority-To-Transport. The fact of the matter is that modern-replicas of these 200 or 300 year old pistols are safer than any of their Antique-classified historical counterparts (due to modern metallurgy and quality control).

The same applies for a non-restricted post-1898 percussion cap muzzle-loader musket/rifle; except they may be fired on private and crown-land, and an Authority-To-Transport is not required. But why must a license be obtained for one made 1 minute after midnight on December 31, 1898, classifying it a non-restricted when the “Antique” percussion cap muzzle-loader musket/rifle made 1 minute before does not require any licensing?

Current Antique firearm laws found in the Firearm’s Act are more than sufficient for the safe keeping, transport, and display of any firearm mentioned above. These firearms are inherently safer to store, display, and transport due their impracticality of loading and discharging.

However, thankfully the solution is simple and easy:

Make an amendment to the Firearm’s Act immediately to remove all current classifications of muzzle-loader pistols, rifles, and muskets of any year, any length, and any antique action (matchlock, wheel-lock, flintlock, and percussion cap). All should only be classified as Antique.

Thank you for your help in correcting this mistake. God bless.

02-26-2015, 07:56 AM
I almost bought a flintlock pistol, thinking the same rules as a flintlock rifle applied....it is a mess, not the first thing I'd fix... Polite education is key I think, an you seem to be doing well there.

02-26-2015, 09:59 AM
It all depends on the audience - to whom were you planning on sending this?