View Full Version : So who else here attended Blast off this weekend ?

06-03-2012, 07:43 PM
It was simply awesome. WW2 re-enators were at hand with all sorts of displays. The CF sent 2 reps with a display of small arms up to and including a Carl G. Various dealers were on site with all sorts of goodies. Prizes were simply outstanding (including several firearms as well as at least one 4-figure item that I could see.). Lots of powder was burned, probably somewhere around 10K rounds were fired overall, and I come home with a sore shoulder and a huge grin. The yearly pilgrimage (this was the 11th edition and I personally attended most of them) was well worth the 10 hour drive and (almost) sleepless night this year also (I did say "almost", as I was able to catch about half an hour's sleep once we arrived safely).