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06-04-2012, 01:50 PM
Last year a friend of mine needed to raise some cash and unloaded a few firearms. I purchased a .22 Norinco semi auto (I know, I know...) off him more to help him out than for the firearm. Before hunting season, I venture down to the range to check my hunting rifle to ensure it was still shooting relatively straight. I brought along the .22 to do a little plinking with it.

With the range live, I unpacked the firearm, placed it on the counter pointed down range, loaded the magazine with 10 shells, loaded the mag into the rifle, took aim through the scope, squeezed the trigger - nothing! Oops - forgot the safety! Duh. Clicked the safety off - BANG. I was shocked when the motion of clicking off the safety fired the rifle once. I sat there, thinking about how this is a semi-auto and with a trigger possibly out of play, this could very well be an unwanted fully automatic situation. However, there was only one bang, and only one spent casing beside my left elbow in the booth. I slowly looked at the eject port, and there was a unspent shell wedged in it. I pulled the mag out the bottom, pulled open the action, and there was an additional shell wedged against the one partially ejected. Total involvement including the fired shell: 3 total.

There was a gun expert at the range and I asked him to take a look at it, because at this point, I was ready to pull the scope off it and surrender the firearm because my trust in it has been shaken.

We took it apart, and the whole action / trigger assembly didn't have a tight screw in it. It was all loose. Tightened everything up, put it all back together, and took it back live again. This time the trigger / safety was functional, but the one shot, one eject port jam thing was still a problem. I just put it away and haven't touched it since.

I'm thinking it could be all sorts of things, but with limited knowledge of the inner workings, can I ever really truly trust this firearm again after something like this?

06-04-2012, 02:58 PM
Honestly, you should never trust ANY firearm to be safe, which is why you have the four firearms safety rules especially: always assume it's loaded, control the muzzle (and never point it at anything you don't intend to destroy).

I once had a Tokarov that, when the slide was racked, would sporadically cause the hammer to drop when it chambered a round. Imagine my surprise when, in front of my friend and his Dad, I racked the slide and it did a 3 shot burst (emptying the mag) without me touching the trigger.

I took it to a gunsmith to have a look at polishing it up, and he said he got it fixed. Unloaded, I racked the slide a few dozen times and low and behold, one rack, hammer down. I kept racking it so, and occasionally it would do the same thing.

I sold it to a guy, fully warning him about the problem (he was a Tokarov expert and said he could probably fix it). I would have kept it if it wasn't worth more to have a gunsmith look at it than the gun's purchase price.

I think the most important thing is to remember the first 2 rules and ALWAYS follow them. I'm VERY careful about always keeping the gun pointed down range or in a safe direction when I handle one specifically because of this experience.

06-05-2012, 07:36 PM
I figure your Norc can be made reliable with the ammo it likes, and maybe some locktite here and there.

06-06-2012, 02:28 PM
I'm thinking that the safety / trigger issue may be resolved. I'm wondering if the extra shell ejecting might be a problem with the magazine being too tight or too loose at the mouth of the magazine.

And harbl_the_cat - you're right - this situation is exactly why we have safe practices for handling firearms. I was never happier to be following the rules when that rifle went off!