View Full Version : Hatsan 12ga Optima Silver Slug 20" Barrel

06-30-2015, 09:20 PM

Do any of you own this firearm?
What is good about it?
What is not so good?

Is it, in you opinion, 'fit for purpose' if the purpose if to be an easily deployed, sustainable defence against large (man sized or larger) animals, on short notice, and in close quarters?

Not many review out there.


07-01-2015, 12:22 AM
haven't played with that particular gun myself yet, but the place that it's made is well known for decent quality double guns that should function well.

I'm actually this weekend hoping to do a review on a similar 20 guage in 16 inches - but it's a smooth bore, not a slug.

The thing is - why a slug gun? They can't shoot shot worth a crap, you're only going to shoot slugs out of it. 20 guage slugs are nothing to sneeze at and have more than enough horsepower to stop anything with two or 4 legs on this continent with the right slug choice, so no problems there, are you just kind of thinking of a sort of 'discount' double rifle by going the slug barrel route?

BTW - if you get one, you want to pick up some speedloader swifts. Here's a review video i did on them - they totally make double guns for defense work . They do work with most 20 guage doubles. Frank at north trails sells them - he's a dealer here. Don't forget to use your goc2015 discount code when ordering from him.


07-01-2015, 02:02 AM
Ok - i just read the manual and I think i understand a little better.

First off - the basic platform is the SAME as the ricol shotgun, probably made in the same factory or a similar one. A lot of those shotguns are from the same manufacturing group and use the same parts. I recognize the internals, i have the same shotgun in a 20 guage that's identical to the pictures in the manual for the hatsan.

Also - apperently when THEY say 'slug' barrel - they just mean short barrel smooth bore. So it's basically the same as my 16 inch 20 guage smooth bore.

With that in mind, i can give you some info on the workings of the gun - i have regular wood furniture on mine, so i can't talk much about the stock.

They are excellent guns for the price. Disassembly for maintenance is very easy - the stock comes off and all the internals are exposed, and they're a simple hammer system thats easy to maintain.

So far they've been very reliable. As you can see from that video above (which is the same gun in a double trigger config) they shoot smooth and easy. Mine point very well but they've got vent ribs and fibre optics - so that might be a little different.

My 12 guage came just a tad rough on some of the finishing - the chokes were a little 'rushed' and there was some internal milling marks, but the exterior was good and the gun worked fine. My 20 was finished much better.

As far as what 20 guage's in general can do - they can do a LOT. Essentially on average with comparable loads you give up 40 percent of the recoil of a 12 guage BUT only give up about 18 percent of the hitting power. And even then that's questionable. Using challenger dangerous game slugs you can drop pretty much anything you meet, and for home defense or smaller predators like wolves cats and yotes, # 3 buckshot (not birdshot but buckshot) is absolutely devistating - 20 pellets of 25 calibre each, it's like someone doing 2 mag dumps of a 25 apc on you at once. You get about 11 inches of penetration which is more than enough for man sized predators or smaller.

For bigger pests - challenger dangerous game slugs (sold by ammo supply - a vendor on this very board) are just plain evil. A 62 calibre 383 grain bullet moving along at 1600 fps .... i'm sorry but that's going to mess anyone up, and its alloyed lead so it holds together and digs deep.

I would have no problem with a double gun based on that platform for your stated purpose - definitely pick up the speedloaders, that will vastly improve the rapid response of the gun.

my 20 is very light, very easy to point, and I like that the extractors are so generous, it's VERY hard to get a shell to 'slip over' one which is not the case with some extractors. I would prefer ejectors like my 12 guage but really - it's not necessary and doesn't make much difference.