View Full Version : New Yellowhead electoral district EDA

07-15-2015, 09:03 PM
The Yellowhead Libertarian Association has been formed!!! Its time to start fundraising for the coming election! Donations will be used to buy signs, print, etc. Our candidate will be covering all of his personal expenses including transportation. Donations will be used to spread Liberty!!
Donations to political campaigns and riding associations has advantages in the form of non-refundable tax credits of 75% on the first $400 per calendar year with a maximum cumulative annual donation of $1,500 . For example, this means, if you give $100, you will receive a $75 non-refundable tax credit. How it works is if you have Net Federal Tax of at least $75 in income tax during the year, you will get back $75 more as a tax refund as a result of your $100 donation Ė so it really only costs you $25 out of pocket after you receive your tax refund. We all donít like paying taxes, but this way you can cause your taxes to work for something you support! You can donate on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yellowhead-Libertarian-Association/674106802720127 . Or by email transfer to yellowheadlibertarianeda@gmail.com And if you prefer a cheque mail to Box 1500 Mayerthorpe T0E 1N0

Thank you in advance for your support!!