View Full Version : Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol Review

Mad Hatter
07-27-2015, 03:41 PM
I have come to highly respect your staff's firearms reviews as in depth and complete. Hence after handling one of the new Strike One pistols at the Calgary Gun Show I was very excited to receive the latest issue of Calibre with that very gun in review! One of the reasons I was so interested in this particular firearm is because of the inline recoil system and was looking forward to your comments about this aspect of the gun. I was very disappointed to find not even a mention as to how this feature affected the performance of the gun with respect to muzzle flip and target reacquisition.

07-27-2015, 05:10 PM
The whole dropping-block, no-tilt barrel system is very cool, but it didn't really play into the way the gun recoiled in a practical sense. Truth be told, the lockup system really didn't play much of a role in anything beyond the method by which the gun was broken down, although it may net superior accuracy... but even there, you'd have to be a serious pistolero to realize that accuracy increase and it'd be hard to say if the increase in accuracy would be more, less, or on par with the accuracy you'd see from a conventional Browning-type lockup in a gun made equally well (because one thing the Arsenal is, is extremely well-made). Even in terms of recoil "effect," the Strike One was pretty much on par with a tilting-barrel gun. I find Beretta M9s seem to recoil slowly, if that makes sense, since I can usually feel the gun go off and the action unlock, and come back into battery as a series of very distinct impulses. The Strike One didn't exhibit that. It felt very close to that of my old Stery M9, actually. Which makes sense since the bore axis are much more to credit for the Strike One's shootability, and both the Steyr M9 and Strike One have extremely low bore axis.

Honestly, if you're thinking of picking one up, I wouldn't hesitate. Especially the Speed model with conventional sights. They are superlatively well-made pistols and are good shooters AND good collectors!

Mad Hatter
07-28-2015, 12:13 PM
You have answered all of my questions and I thank you for the detailed response. Based on that, I will just simply stick with my CZ 75 SP01 Tactical and Sig P226 Stainless Elite pistols. Unless I actually get to shoot one and decide otherwise...