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08-03-2015, 08:33 AM
The purpose of the Foundation is to organize and support “living history” events that enable Americans to learn more about their heritage through direct participation.

October 10 @ 8:30 am - October 11 @ 4:30 pm
Battle For The Airfield – WWII Re-enactment and Veteran Roundtable
137 Barton Road, Stow, Massachusetts
There will be over 300 re-enactors representing several branches of Allied and Axis military participating in an amazing re-enactment. Fully restored military equipment of all kinds will be on display and participating in an incredible living history event. This includes, tanks, cannons, troop DW20121007T008-136 carriers, half tracks, aircraft and support supplies. Allied and Axis camps were set up with authentic materials and appearance. People are encouraged to interact with re-enactors who share a wealth of information about life as a WWII military person. WWII Veterans from all ranks and branches of service will participate in a round-table discussion. Each veteran will spend time talking about his and her experiences of survival and perseverance during WWII. (http://www.collingsfoundation.org/event/battle-for-the-airfield-wwii-re-enactment-and-veteran-roundtable/)


The Collings Foundation (http://www.collingsfoundation.org/)

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