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Canadian special forces are conducting an evaluation of the Polaris MRZR-4 all-terrain vehicle.

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) is interested in eventually acquiring an Enhanced All-Terrain Vehicle (EATV) and an Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle or ULCV.

(photo above – Polaris displayed its various special forces vehicles at the CANSEC 2015 trade show in May. Photo by David Pugliese)

CANSOFCOM has already been conducting trials for the EATV with a Polaris MRZR-4 all-terrain vehicle, produced by the firm based in Medina, MN.

But CANSOFCOM spokesman Maj. Steve Hawken emphasized that does not mean Polaris has an inside track on the procurement. “This will be an open competitive bid process to ensure the government of Canada obtains the best vehicle for the best value,” he said.

Both the ULCV and the EATV are seen as complimentary vehicle platforms.

“The ULCV’s requirements will provide for increased payload, range and will mount crew served weapons, communications and sensors,” Hawken explained. “Both of these procurements are running in parallel and are expected to be delivered during the same two to five-year timeframe,” he added.

A request for information has been released to industry on the ULCV.

Here is how Public Works describes the ULCV. (It noted that Canada wants to purchase 62 of the vehicles):

“The ULCVs are required to be true light-weight high mobility tactical vehicles, which provide critical integral tactical maneuver to the Canadian Armed Forces deployed out of area in support of Counter Terrorism and High Value Task operations. This vehicle will be used in low, medium and high intensity threat environments and is expected to be off-road 75 % of the time. The ULCV is expected to operate in a wide variety of temperatures (-32 C to + 49 C) and climates, from temperate to the extremes found in desert or tropical climates (humidity ranging from 0 to 100 %). Furthermore, a combination of urban or rural environments situated within mountainous, plains, jungle and woodland areas should be expected.

The ULCV will operate on roads of varying quality ranging from paved highways, dirt trails and in most cases broken and/or uneven ground. The ULCV will be operated by personnel who will be experiencing the effects of battle fatigue therefore it must be capable of continuous operations with minimum breakdown, damage or operator maintenance. The ULCV must provide maximum flexibility when tailoring specific force packages. The integration of user supplied communication equipment and weapons systems will be required. The ULCV must have growth potential to accommodate future technological and system capability improvements in numerous areas such as: maneuver, firepower/weapon systems, protection/survivability, human systems and communications/sensors.

The ULCV fleet will be used in all operations from responding to a major terrorist attack to participating in the conduct of a major international operation for an extended period of time.

Accordingly, the ULCV feet will provide critical integral tactical maneuver to forces deployed worldwide in support Counter Terrorism and High Value Task Operations. The ULCV fleet will provide tactical maneuver, speed, functionality and agility at the lowest weight possible. All operational equipment such as weapon systems, personal protective equipment, tactical radios, low profile antennas and observation devices must be able to be employed without compromising their use to the extent possible. The ULCV fleet shall be able to operate in diverse environments as described previously, while carrying out multiple tasks and roles. The ULCV must be capable of being deployed by a variety of in-service aircraft.”


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The bottom looks flat. Center of gravity seems high.
Appears to be a soft target that uses speed as defense from small arms.

I wonder if it has a 'quick connect' water skirt and drive prop option.

Rory McCanuck
09-01-2015, 12:51 PM
Those both look kinda sexy.

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I hope they beefed them up, the 500/700 Rangers we had at work, I had to replace so many frames, axles, struts, Control arms, bushings. They were not build to do anything hard.

https://scontent.fyhz1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/377940_10150510368301241_593981110_n.jpg?oh=8928c5 89b7f28beb2e21c25c8bdbfabd&oe=566222BF

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^^ This from what I've seen of several buddies who own them. Not sure I'd want to find myself in the middle of a war in a Polaris ATV....

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^^ This from what I've seen of several buddies who own them. Not sure I'd want to find myself in the middle of a war in a Polaris ATV....

I did not like the ones we had. Also the clutch belt slipped so easy.

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Polaris and cat use the shittiest steel I've ever seen used for a chassis, and in top of that they rise the lightest gauge as well.

That said the rzr is the most competative of the side by sides.. Just don't catch a wheel on anything.