View Full Version : Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25x4 Fire Dot

06-22-2012, 11:32 AM
Here is a little quickie review of the Leupold VX-R 1.25x4 Patrol Firedot scope...

There are two "Patrol" models:
The 1.25 x 4 x 30, and a 3 x 9 x 40.
Both have 30mm tubes. The 3x9 has a TMR style reticle.

I chose the 1.25 x 4 mostly because our range is limited to 200 yds;
I think this magnification range is fine for both close in, (25 yds) and plenty out to 200.


The turrets are fairly low in profile, compared to some, and the knobs
are aggressively knurled, making them easy to use, although I doubt
I'll need to be dialing up or down much after zero.
I believe the eyepiece might also be a bit slimmer than some similar
type scopes, so maybe that is a factor for which brand of BUIS and
mounts you are running.


Typical Leupold glass, clear, bright, and contrasty.
The firedot is easy to see even in daylight, and brightness adjustment
is achieved by tapping the left side "turret". I'm not sure if I
wouldn't prefer a more traditional dial for this, like an aimpoint, but no big deal.
This has auto shut off after being motionless for 5 minutes, and auto on
via a motion detection system. It comes back on at the last intensity
level setting. Or you can shut it down manually by pressing and holding the button in.

At the low end of magnification I had no difficulties shooting with
both eyes open, but I am new to this kind of shooting, so the subtle
nuances may be escaping me. Some people might prefer a "true" 1x?

The SPR Reticle is mil dot crosshairs, with a 10 mil circle, and 1 moa
illuminated "fire dot".

IMHO the crosshairs and firedot would be a little thick for precision work beyond 200, so if you are shooting groups at 200 and more, you might want the 3x9 or a more traditional type of scope with finer wires. This 4x is just fine for smacking the metal plates though!

Overall I like this scope.
Serious competitive shooters may want more features: ie zero stop,
true 1x, more choice of reticles, FFP, etc, but for half the price of,
say, a Vortex Razor, (the Leupold was 650.00 delivered)
I think this is pretty good bang for the buck.

Kudos to Prophet River for bringing this in for me. I
I don't think they are generally available in Canada yet?
Not sure about that though.



moa clicks
5 minutes inactive shut-off
motion on
CR2032 battery
No flip caps included
Occular bell is 38.01 mm diameter
2nd FP reticle
elevation/windage 90 moa
4 eye relief
12 ounces
Leupold lifetime warranty