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10-24-2015, 09:22 AM
Please note due to multiple member requests, Firearms Organizations will be allowed again on GOC.

1. Firearms Organizations will be limited to post in this section of the forum.
2. All posts outside of this forum in relation to a firearm org in canada will be moved here.
3. Orgs may not recruit, sell memberships, sell raffle/promotional items on the forum.
4. Orgs will not have the ability to remove members posts, or edit them in anyway. (open and transparent section)
5. Members / Non Members will act respectfully in use of the section of the forum.
6. All Orgs must request official permission from GOC before posting. Contact jwirecom109@gunownersofcanada.ca
7. Orgs are expected to follow all rules, terms and conditions, and maintain the highest of ethical standards.
If for any reason GOC believes that an Org is not acting on the behalf of its members or the firearms community it will be removed.
8. Orgs approved to post will be posted here. Directors of the org, or members acting on behalf of the org, must make note of who they are before posting.
9. Orgs not approved to post, are orgs that have failed the basic ethical standards to be allowed to post on GOC. Members of the org may post information,
but directors and members acting on behalf of the org will have posts removed and accounts suspended.

Approved Orgs to post:


Prohibited Orgs from posting:


10-24-2015, 10:08 AM
Colour me stupid,
what is "F.I.R.E." ?
Got link?

10-24-2015, 10:10 AM
Colour me stupid,
what is "F.I.R.E." ?
Got link?

Firearms Institute for rational education, new org, in development.
Focused on education the public and private sectors.
No website as of today.
Rob Anders is Chairman of the board, Todd Brown is EX-VP.