View Full Version : A good primer to share with non-gun friends about the reality of gun control

12-05-2015, 07:49 PM
Editor Pickard penned his weekly column and targeted the gun control agenda. Obviously I'm biased (it's Dan here BTW) but I think it's pretty well worded, and makes a great argument to present to any of the great "silent majority" that aren't necessarily rabidly anti-gun but might lean towards the usual "gun control is a good thing" side of the debate: http://calibremag.ca/home/2015/12/this-week-in-gun-culture-safety-versus-control/

At the end of the day, Pickard's right; we all want safety and I can't think of more more that'd deflate the gun control agenda than a bunch of gun owners asking why they are so in favour of gun control rather than gun safety. Obviously the rabid anti-gunners won't be convinced as they think control = safety, but any of the undecided public watching such a debate might be swayed...