View Full Version : A Ruger Deerfield Christmas Story

12-25-2015, 08:39 PM
In 2000 Ruger put its Model 99-44 Deerfield .44 mag on the market. They made one run of about 20,000 rifles and when they were all sold they were gone forever from the retail marketplace - except of course for re-sales. These rifles used now will demand just about any amount a buyer is willing to pay - upwards of $1000 - $1200.

Guns & Ammo also named the Deerfield its rifle of the year.

Also in 2000 my (oldest) son's first son was born. When the baby was a month old my son purchased two Deerfields. One he put into use as his own deer rifle and has been using it annually since. The other one he put away to give to his son when of age. Other than to wipe it down periodically and run a patch through the bore it has never even been handled. Also stored with the rifle was a copy of the Guns & Ammo magazine. This morning that brand new rifle in its pristine box with the original literature, rings etc along with that copy of the Guns & Ammo magazine was under the tree for the 15-year old.

I know from spending time hunting with the lad and his dad that he has lusted after his dad's Deerfield and since he has been an apprentice hunter anytime he's accompanied me he has had the use my Deerfield.

To say the lad was ecstatic this morning hardly describes his emotions. It was a total surprise. That rifle existed totally without his knowledge.

As a side note a little over a year later a second baby boy came along. He now is also in the hunter apprenticeship program and I've been looking for a while to find a Deerfield for him - so far unsuccessfully. Worst case scenario is he'll get mine eventually (it's in the will) but I'm not looking forward to that day. :)