View Full Version : SVT 40 mags

Robert Porteous
02-06-2016, 10:07 PM
Looking for a source for SVT 40 magazines, any leads would be appreciated, need a minimum of two.

02-06-2016, 10:26 PM
Last time I looked months ago the went for around $80 a pop. I think it was either Tradeex or corwin arms.

02-07-2016, 12:33 AM
I think Corwin Arms were bringing a batch in....but I think they were selling fast at around 70 bucks each.....

02-07-2016, 05:19 PM
All the reproduction magazines are terrible and don't feed.

Corwin Arms brought some new production ones in that they said they test/fit with shop rifles. They sold out the other day but they're getting more so watch the website or e-mail them.

02-20-2016, 09:51 AM
Corwin Arms' recent batch of reproductions were fantastic. Nearly every one reported perfect functioning out of the box or with minor adjustment.

They stated that they will be receiving some Russian war time production but they'll be rougher.

02-20-2016, 11:27 AM
Sold out at TradeEx($80 each when they had 'em.). None listed at Corwin.
West Rifle in New Westminster, B.C.(online store only) is showing 'em at $95 each(supply and demand in action). Site says they have 15 in stock.

03-25-2016, 12:07 PM
Thingsmilitary has some for more $.