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02-28-2016, 09:42 AM
As a scruffy guy who shaves only when he has too I seam to make a lot of razors. Here is another razor something a little different 1095 with a dirty hamon. Another firewood stand. All comments are welcome good bad or otherwise

http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq7/treebutcher_2008/DSCF8244_zpswsgaqv6f.jpg (http://s428.photobucket.com/user/treebutcher_2008/media/DSCF8244_zpswsgaqv6f.jpg.html)

http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq7/treebutcher_2008/DSCF8248_zpsmups1lk3.jpg (http://s428.photobucket.com/user/treebutcher_2008/media/DSCF8248_zpsmups1lk3.jpg.html)

http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq7/treebutcher_2008/DSCF8246_zpsutqt7egp.jpg (http://s428.photobucket.com/user/treebutcher_2008/media/DSCF8246_zpsutqt7egp.jpg.html)

02-28-2016, 09:44 AM
another pretty cool one.

For once this one isn't going to me.

02-28-2016, 09:58 AM
Another bang up job. What are you using for a forge?

I'm another guy who only likes to shave about every two weeks, special occasions aside. But I sure do appreciate a quality razor when it's time to do the deed. And not one of those crappy multi blade affairs that choke on a real beard ;).

02-28-2016, 12:02 PM
Lovin' the hamon. Very very nice.

02-28-2016, 04:40 PM
Another bang up job. What are you using for a forge?

I have a home made forge, made out of a fire extinguisher with a T-rex burner.

Thanks guys

02-29-2016, 02:36 AM
Always wanted a straight razor. How much do you sell them for?