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03-09-2016, 06:45 AM
There was a thread somewhere (that I can't find) where someone was mentioning that they still haven't received their CCFR membership card. Well I saw this on the CCFR facebook page and thought I'd pass it on:

Good afternoon Team CCFR!!! ATTENTION: ALL MEMBERS WHO HAVE JOINED PRIOR TO JANUARY 31. We have noticed some glitches with the production of cards from the November run. We have missed some people and there's no way of knowing who unless you tell us. Please don't tell us here, e-mail at info@firearmrights.ca and give us your name, date of joining (from your receipt) and address so we can capture everyone in the next run (hopefully). You may not get a reply, this is just an information capture. Put "you missed me" in the subject line. We are exploring system and procedure changes for future runs to avoid this. Although the cards themselves serve no actual or valid purpose, they are a sweet little piece of pride for your wallet and we know you LOVE getting them!! Thanks for your patience, we're doing our best with what time and resources we have
smile emoticon
Also-remember to get your membership now if you haven't already to have your say at the AGM, whether it be in person or by e-vote. Members who join on or before APRIL 25 will be invited to the 2016 AGM.
Thanks again...we are doing great things, and this is YOUR CCFR