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07-24-2012, 11:58 AM
I can't translate, but a picture is worth a thousand words.


07-24-2012, 12:00 PM

Small-caliber .22 LR adapter for Sa vz.58 and its clones.
07.03.2012 21:24

Pistols adapter is designed for Czech model Sa vz submachine gun. 58 in 7.62 caliber semi-automatic weapons and x39 derivative, especially ENG 2003 Sport, CZ 858 Tactical, the FSN Series Sport AR-58 series. For the weapons of caliber 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington) adapter is intended modifications, differing mainly fee chamber dimensions, reduction of storage pits and the absence of fee especially with lock. This is an accessory category B. You will therefore need to purchase permits from the police, so no rozbruska, mainly canned drilling and the like. These people feel the work done, the production design is quite complex, and I'm at the shooting range for testing the adapter, said if I wanted the money to produce, frankly did not want. Without exaggeration we can say that it is a total remake of the major parts of weapons. The new carrier with the striker bolt is designed as a dynamic conclusion, cover with springs added to another spring and stabilizer cube. Caliber barrel immersion 5.6, the main chamber with a short immersion locked adapter .22 LR - it's really technical tweaks, but also a carrier, let's call it the old fashioned way and maybe the very end, not unlike the firing pin, but quite complicated to manufacture. You come at the shooting range, odstrojíte his SA58 as when you want to clean. Unscrew the compensator, insert insertion from the front barrel, insert the rear chamber, a buffer shaft adapter that ensures your rod chamber in the right position, put the bolt carrier cover and you will reach the springs that came with the kit. Napáskujete supplied sheet tray, pull the lever rack about 3 cm backwards, and you drop the charge in the chamber and percussion gear ready to fire. To the very end using the original release of the trigger mechanism Sa vz.58 weapons. We can shoot with either insertion insertion and main chamber with a short main or only with insertion chamber, where precision is the length of the shorter part / only about 9-10 cm / small. On Saturday at Čestice Častolovice, which is incidentally a very nice outdoor shooting range and a pub on the ground for tired and apostates, we tried this new product from Highland Arms and without all modesty, we have much to commend the authors. From its own funds in their free time with their own ideas put together something that I think can make a huge commercial success, but if it's a big company .... distributionally nezkur Czech gun makers and engineers already came with a number of good ideas, but lost them, either by the case could not well protect industrially, or has been protected, while a model, but someone else came and made a small change in pattern nevzor came up with their own idea. I apologize to all companies who think that I write about them, do not write. Every big company and that the Highland Arms is not yet fortunately, is lagging in the development and improvement of what would like to improve, so just bet the authors that their solution in the future extend to some technical modifications and innovations that this conversion in caliber .22 LR move even further.

Benefits of conversion: + + + + price of ammunition used, + + + noise reduction when shooting + + + reduce recoil, + + + two absolutely different weapons in one appearance, + + + possibility of fire in the living room at home, + + entry indoor shooting range where you would otherwise not let caliber 7,62 x39

Disadvantages of Conversion: acquisition costs, whatever they are, when you remove fire compensator, you must have permission to purchase accessories category B, attacking someone, why not buy at that price a good rifle.

Rakeťák wrote it all accurately, concisely and it's exhausting. But I also need to say so: I've never shot from kdečeho. Recently at work we roamed rotary machine gun, it was great and I thought that perhaps it is nowhere to go. On Saturday it came. In life it's not about how much you (say it to me and my wife), but what you feel in doing so. And let me tell you - have in hand and sputter padesátosmu malorážkovýma ammo - great feeling of comfort, relaxation, absolutely I'm on the run. The boys came up with what they gave it a few years of life, and everyone you ever tried knows how much time, money and effort it costs. As soon as the end dotáhneš technical side, you start to deal with papers and you want to Wenceslas Square in Prague to burn, because life is complicated by the incredible amount of paperwork. If you survive it all, vyrobíš first pieces, a woman was talking to you because I saw a couple of months really pissed off and just watched from the living room light from the workshop. Then habitats nestačíš price and wonder what to write begins shooting forums.

With remission of sentence - what is it for 9000, the launch of mouth only galactic beast, which you most in life has prepared so airsoftku. If so just nastřelím, development and work with everything 800 hours x 200 CZK, which is the minimum for what you will do gunsmith. It is 160 thousand that would earn if Makalu. Nemakal. Up. Earned. Because believe it. Then it also has yet to produce, approve, etc. We are at 200 thousand. costs. Add the cost of production and to dissolve into that of the 200th We could uprodávat those adapters to make it all back. But you know why the risks to people like that go? Just believe it. And least of all a typical Czech They need cavilled sitting at the computer and write on the forum - "I wonder what's on it for 9000 ..."

He's a piece of human work. And the second thing, is not far off when it will be made in the treatment Gunexpet. And who knows us, knows that the gun will be great :-)


Conclusion: My personal opinion, I like it, I go into it for the fun it is worth it. Railový systems is also package and already owns about 600 people on their arms, and when I was a year and a half he was afraid how it will sell, how expensive is the production, today I see that it was a good deed that it meshed that you like it and that you are happy with it. The economic benefits of conversion is as follows. The purchase price will be in small batch production of 8990, - including VAT. Rimfire rifle rounds into the 1, - CZK. Hub 7.62 x39 4, -. Question is, how many wounds I will pay a small caliber adapter. It pays for my wounds fired at 3000. I leave it up to you whether little or much.

Více zde: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://www.gunexpert.cz/news/malorazovy-adapter-22lr-pro-sa-vz-58-a-jeho-klony-/%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1920%26bih%3D934%26prmd%3Dimvns&rurl=translate.google.ca&sl=cs&u=http://www.gunexpert.cz/news/malorazovy-adapter-22lr-pro-sa-vz-58-a-jeho-klony-/&usg=ALkJrhgSlk6RAySWaVkMGpcuzTvv2a02DA

07-24-2012, 12:08 PM

Apparently " For sale only in the Czech Republic"

I think the price converts to about $400

07-24-2012, 03:24 PM
Would love to have one, I'm one of the few down here that knows of the VZ and actually prefers it over the AK.

07-24-2012, 03:31 PM
actually prefers it over the AK.

D you know that I hate you for the fact you can get an AK right :P

07-24-2012, 05:38 PM
Last I heard North Sylva was looking at bringing these in all though I don't think they got that big of a response 4 it.