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04-29-2016, 02:45 PM
So first off, I really hope I'm in the right section, mods please correct if I did an Abe Simpson and answered the iron.


So I got this box, and it was a great looking box, but I knew it held treasures that I couldn't wait to open it; thus I don't have a picture of the box before I opened it, because treasures:


Wonderful, WONDERFUL Treasures:


Alright now that we know I had a box with some new toys, I had to set about setting this up. The package contained 1x Hip Holster for Glock 17, 3x Double Mag Pouch, and all in Kryptek Nomad. And it's all there on my lil work table complete with coffee evidence. Assembling everything was easy, the Teklok's are very easy to adjust to your belt size, and to lock down; it took more time to figure out the placement of the first mag pouch than anything else. You also see my trusty little red multi-bit screw driver, which was key in the final step of adjusting the tension on everything. The pistol holster comes real loose, you turn it over and the pistol would fall out with a little shake; but this is solved by tightening the top of the three screws with the pistol in place. Once I had the right tension it was very secure, which I tested by jumping jacks, up he sees me downs, and I'm sure you all shuddered too; burpees.


Then the real fun got to start; going to the range!


Yes I brought along a couple toys to enjoy and did have some fun making a lot of noise. I learned that my original placement of the mags was too close together and too far forward on my left hand side. This caused some friction in the real estate during transition as my sling would get a little caught up. But because of the nature the Teklok beasts, this was fixed inside of 2 minutes; well 3 minutes but only because my coffee was sitting right there and needed some attention.


I continued to adjust the tension on the mag pouches and holster very slightly through out the day finding the perfect combination of security and ease of access. Mags and Pistol are both fed to me super smooth in a timely fashion.

Besides, the kit is just stunningly gorgeous!




- Great price point when you consider this is Canadian Company
- Dealing with Tim was very easy and very fast, AND he was actually handling my order on Easter ((when everything else was closed!))
- There are a large number of different colour and camo options
- There is a large range of firearms that they cater to already


- Their website could use some updating but is more than adequate
- My range rat friends want to order the exact same set up; so much for being a snowflake.

05-07-2016, 07:05 AM
Very cool. Thanks for the review. :)

Now I want a set. I don't even have a pistol right now...