View Full Version : Starship Troopers: Invasion Trailer

08-18-2012, 02:13 AM

08-18-2012, 08:40 AM
Hate to say it, but Ill watch it.

Looks a lot like Final Fantasy, but just as entertaining.

08-18-2012, 09:39 AM
No matter how good or how bad the movies are I'll watch a starship trooper movie

08-18-2012, 10:11 AM
No matter how good or how bad the movies are I'll watch a starship trooper movie

I hear ya.

I always wanted someone to make a starcraft movie like this. Zerg, bugs, pretty close.

08-18-2012, 10:13 AM
Good movie, watched it last night.

08-18-2012, 03:34 PM
I loved the original Starship Troopers. My wife shook her head at me when I picked it out of Walmart's $5 bin, but I didn't care. I haven't seen any of the others, would you guys say they're worth tracking down?

08-18-2012, 03:42 PM
seen 2 it was a flop, 3 was so so it had rico back in it, it lead into the cartoons, which i liked, but i liked mech warrior.
downloaded the new one i'll report back what i think

08-18-2012, 03:44 PM
1 was good, 2 sucked, 3 was ok, i did like the fact they brought in the marauder suits, that were the main weapong in the novel, and more of the terminology, "on the bounce". looking forward to hearing about it.

08-19-2012, 02:41 PM
Good to know I didn't miss much, will check out this latest one though, thanks for the heads up!

08-20-2012, 06:12 AM
There was animated boobies in ST: Invasion. All in all, about the same as the first ones.

08-20-2012, 06:18 AM
I liked it, I mean it beat out 2 and 3 hands down forsure.

08-22-2012, 11:02 AM
I liked it, virtual boobies :p

The guns and gear were slight closer to the books. Trig was too cool except she choked when it really counted. It was neat to have the movie characters (Carl, Rico, Carmen) tied into the story line. I'd suggest watching the series "Roughnecks" first though.

08-22-2012, 11:20 AM
I finished it last night (I tend to have to watch movies in two parts ... I fall asleep), I liked it too.