View Full Version : Help with a BRNO arms mode ZH 308 combination O/U gun

11-23-2016, 01:16 PM
Anyone ever seen or knows anything about this gun ?

It's a BRNO arms model ZH 308 combination gun chambered in 12g and 7x65R.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. It seems old, with a solid mechanism.


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11-23-2016, 06:58 PM
They are pretty well regarded as far as the lower end combination guns go. You can buy o/u shotgun barrel sets for them as well. From what I have found they usually are pretty accurate, if you need parts, you might as well buy a second one tho.

11-24-2016, 11:40 AM
Isn't exactly a low end piece. Relatively low values though. Made by CZ, for the European market, I think. There was one of 'em with missing parts on Gunauction.com back in 2009 that sold for $480US. Sell for around 500 Euros($700ish Cdn) in Europe.
Line drawing of the 7x65R is here. http://stevespages.com/jpg/cd7x65r.jpg
Finding ammo will very likely be a special order thing, locally. However, TradeEx lists Norma at roughly $70 per 20. S&B at $35 per 20. A 170 grain bullet runs around 2625 FPS MV.

11-24-2016, 06:32 PM
Ok. Thanks for the help. I guess there isn't anything worth doing with that gun.

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