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08-28-2012, 11:17 PM
From Left to Right:
Insight MRDS Stock Mount, Quick Release Insight MRDS ADIM, Burris Fast Fire Mount
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pcIvk2JQ53tuCcDDaSDiuXqR42ovAAqff96LntCF69oJExt1 TC5sKAVHmQKChuZ31BweJ3uCgQR6bEP2PjRDnKN1c3pFVrApC/IMG00895-20120820-1452.jpg?psid=1
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pcIvk2JQ53tsemK5oa_Cq8h6DEtTFuE7PXLt3r0Uk_z0k55L lYgDZyjbGoOKr95W8bbXEORRrsaSSzX8CxQfF5UcNEtoq7ahK/IMG00896-20120820-1452.jpg?psid=1

Well to start off this all started off with 50calshoter spuring my curiousity about these ADIM mounts.
Now coming from my spoiled back ground I will have to state that I have tried all most every QD mount on the market and finding mounts for this red dot is more of a pain in the back side but this red dot is well worth it in my opinion.

Now with advantages for these mounts are:

Insight MRDS Stock Mount

Shotgun Solid Desing.
Ability to use the protective shroud.
Snug fitting for multiple rails.

Quick Release Insight MRDS ADIM

Quick Release.
Works on all rail systems tried on.
Ability to use the proctective shroud.

Burris Fast Fire Mount

Lowest profile mount ever tested for red dot reflex sight's.
The best mounting screws set on the market.
Dead simple to install.

Now for the dis-advantages for these mounts are:

Insight MRDS Stock Mount

Torex screws suck. I actually stripped 1 and costed me big favour to get my machinist friend to remove it.
Stupid double locking screw with a torque screw in the other end to tighten it down.
This mount is way to high to have a comfertable check weld on the AK47/VZ58 rifle platforms and way to low to co-witness in any way for the AR15 serries of iron sights.
(Even though I do not believe in co-witness and rather have a clear field of view opposed to a cluttered picture of the target area.)
Does not return to zero.

Quick Release Insight MRDS ADIM

The machine head flat screw has way to much play for my liking in between it's machined groves.
Did I mentioned how much I hate torque screws???
Although it does give adiqute check weld for the AK47/VZ58 rifle platform it is way too low for the AR15 rifle platform.
Does not return to zero.

Burris Fast Fire Mount

Realy the cheazyist design ever for screwing down the mount to ones rifle.
Has already sign's of rust.
(Probaly from shooting corrosive ammo)
Have to be careful were you are mounting it as it tends to lift and scoure to one side if not installed right.
Does not allow the use of the protective shroud.
Does not return to zero.

Now the only QD mount that I have ever tried that does return to zero every time with out question is the Trijicon mount that looks like this due to how it allpies preasure to in between the rail. Other wise called Bobro mounts;
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2E8WfsxO0hTE74wB04Sqw4GzoUfSaW OYPa3gh0k_iW0gE5bs1&t=1
It is so good Trijicon has picked it up and is now being sold as the TA98 mount;

I just wish that one day they will make it for this red dot but untill then I guess this will have to do.
For those looking for more info on Bobro product's check them out here;