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CLW .45
04-13-2017, 12:03 PM
Received today.

CLW .45 -- our justice system is broken.

Can you imagine letting rapists and murderers walk our streets without ever standing trial?

Last July, the Supreme Court ruled that criminal cases must go to trail within 30 months in Superior Court and 18 months in provincial court.

But in some regions of Canada, there just aren’t enough judges and prosecutors to meet the deadlines.

As a result, a massive investigation into a high-ranking Hells Angel arrested on gangsterism and conspiracy was thrown out in Quebec.

In another case, Sivologanathan Thanabalasingham plead guilty to assaulting his wife on three separate occasions.

Then he murdered her.

His murder trial was supposed to start three days ago, but last week the delay was ruled unreasonable and he was released.

He has since been ordered deported, but the appeal process could take up to four years.

Until then, he may be free to walk among us.

The chief justice of Quebec’s Superior Court has said just about every criminal case before that court could be at risk.

Rapists, child pornographers, and murderers are now applying to have their cases dismissed.

They could all walk free in a matter of weeks.

And despite having heard demands for over a year for more judges, Justin Trudeau has done nothing.

As a father of two young children, there is nothing more important to me than ensuring public safety.

Today, I am calling on Justin Trudeau to take immediate action to get more judges into the region of Canada that need them and to work with the provinces to enable them to hire more prosecutors where necessary to get serious charges to trial within a reasonable time.

This poses a major threat to public safety.

For that reason, I am also calling on Justin Trudeau to immediately pass legislation to prevent serious charges from being thrown out for delay while we address the barriers to trial within a reasonable time, invoking the notwithstanding clause to keep the most violent offenders in Canada off our streets until justice is served.

The notwithstanding clause will give us time to resolve the lack of judges and judicial delays.

We must think about the victims.

It's just common sense.

Erin Michael O’Toole

My response.


Sections 20 and 27 of the firearms act provide that qualified persons may carry, and possess, handguns to protect life - but only if some bureaucrat believes that they "need" the firearm to protect life. Do you have a crystal ball? No? Well, neither do I. Nor do those bureaucrats!

What you are telling us is simply that very bad people are walking the streets of Canada. Bad people who represent a danger to the lives, liberty, and security of the persons we love.

No matter what is done with the justice system, that dynamic remains. You, and yours, have a right to life, liberty, and security of the person. That right is meaningless if you are denied access to the tools with which to defend yourself and your loved ones.

That access must not be contingent upon the crystal ball gazing of some bureaucrat.

"Need" must be removed as a criterium in firearms law. Qualified persons must be authorized to carry handguns to protect life, upon demonstration of appropriate knowledge and proficiency. Qualified persons must be authorized to possess handguns to protect life, based solely upon their licence status.

The ability to stop an attack, to prevent grievous bodily harm or death, is magnitudes more important than what is done with an assailant after the assault.

Problem one - survive the attack!

CLW .45