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CLW .45
04-13-2017, 09:21 PM
Just received.

Dear CLW .45,
“A gun registry by any other name is still a gun registry” Garry Breitkreuz, M.P.
It’s baaacccck. The Liberal gun registry that is.
Whenever you hear a liberal use mealy-mouthed words like “enhancement of community safety,” put your hand on your wallet, run home and make sure the lock on your gun cabinet is secure.
It has been that kind of week in Parliament.
First, we heard new revelations everyday about the true cost to taxpayers of Trudeau’s billionaire island vacation in the Bahamas.
Next, we have confirmation from Police the first group making money from the move to legalize pot is organized crime.
Now Trudeau is using marijuana legalization as a smokescreen to resurrect the gun registry with Bill C- 47, a United Nations Gun Control Treaty.
Have no doubt about it, Bill C- 47 is the starting point to bring back the 1995-era gun registry we all fought so long and hard to get rid of.
We knew this was coming when Trudeau stacked the Firearms Advisory Committee with a majority of people who lack the professionalism and expertise of the people they replaced.
It is clear the liberals did not learn their lesson last time with Bill C-68, that regulating and legislating against law-abiding people, and that is what we are talking about here, is just as unacceptable today as it was back then.
When I was elected the first time on the promise to scrap the long-gun registry, liberal supporters said it could not be done.
We proved them wrong.
Together, we will prove them wrong again.
You can help fight a resurrected registry with a small donation.
Yours in Conservation,
Cheryl Gallant
PS: Be sure to share this email with any friends who might be impacted by a resurrected gun registry.

My response.


It never went away. Because the CPC government of Steven Harper refused to repeal criminalization of the use, carriage, and possession of firearms; refused to repeal prohibition of firearms, devices, and ammunition; refused to remove "Need" as a criterium in firearms law - the Liberals have a robust law, designed to disarm Canadians, with which to attack us.

And attack us they will.

And conservative members persist in telling us that the time isn't right, even as the leadership candidates give us lip service.

Will you fix this mess if we give you another chance? Or leave us to twisting in the breeze?

CLW .45

04-14-2017, 05:19 AM
The liberals have a lot of Easter eggs in their basket. And they're all rotten.

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04-14-2017, 09:42 AM
CLW, your quote omitted the DONATE part of the email.

Pretty sure that was the main point of them sending it....

CLW .45
04-14-2017, 10:18 AM
CLW, your quote omitted the DONATE part of the email.

Pretty sure that was the main point of them sending it....