View Full Version : All Thureon Defence Carbines now on sale! Non-restricted.

05-24-2017, 09:49 AM
All Thureon Defence GA (Glock Mag) Carbines now on sale! Non-restricted. (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/)

9MM (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/thureon_defense_ga_9mm_nato_19_w._rail/) and .45ACP (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/thureon_defense_ga_45acp_19_w._rail/) $1,249.00 (reg. $1,479.00) (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/)

10MM $1,289.00 (reg. $1,519.00) (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/thureon_defense_ga_10mm_19_w._rail/)

Either model add $99.00 for the Picatinny rail package. (reg. $125.00)

Pictures with, and without rail package, please note charging handle has not been installed on the rifle without the rails.
http://www.armseast.com/store/images/products/td-ga-10-18.5.jpg https://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=90553&d=1489775356


The Finest Non-Restricted Carbine with AR Ergonomics Available in Canada!

Thureon Defense GA Carbine. Non-Restricted. 19" Barrel, Accepts Glock Magazines.


Octagon Free-Float Modular Hand guard Included, Optional Modular Quadrail with Monolithic Top Rail (Also On Sale).

Chambered for the 9MM .45ACP and 10MM cartridge.
AR15 Feel and Ergonomics.
Simple closed bolt, blowback design
AR-15 Trigger components
M4 6-Position Adjustable Stock
Light Weight - 6 lb. 2 oz. unloaded
Upper and lower receiver milled from solid aluminum bar stock
Accepts all caliber appropriate Glock Pistol Mags

Sale applies to In-Stock Rifles Only. 9mm, 45ACP and 10mm GA Glock Mag rifles. (http://www.armseast.com/store/thureon_defense/)