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06-15-2017, 10:29 PM
Justin Trudeau is like a crazy cat lady

By Mark Bonokoski, Postmedia Network

First posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017 05:03 PM EDT

The aphorism about the road to hell being paved with good intentions is dramatically illustrated today by the Trudeau Liberalsí commitment to aggressive refugee settlement in Canada with no fiduciary forethought.

The direct result is another screwing of taxpayers.

According to a documents obtained by the Canadian Press through Access to Information, the flood of asylum claims Ė through legal refugee channels and queue-jumping at unmanned border crossings Ė could eventually create an 11-year wait for claimant processing and almost $3 billion in federal social support.

This is unconscionable.

Not only it is a burden to taxpayers who must pay the freight for Justin Trudeauís wish to bathe in the limelight as the leader of a country that embraces compassionate diversity, regardless of the cost, but it is also a suckering of legitimate refugees who came here believing their transition would go smoothly.

As a result, Trudeau should be looked upon as the male equivalent of the crazy cat lady who blindly gathers up refugees like stray kittens without first considering the cost of their upkeep.

The difference, of course, is crazy cat ladies donít have taxpayers to pay the bills.

Trudeau does, and thatís the problem.

His desire to be the big man on the international campus, and looked upon as an all-inclusive progressive with welcoming arms, has paved a road to hell for the taxpayer.

Add to this the screw-up that some 90% of the 25,000 government-sponsored Syrians Ė many of them fast-tracked without proper screening Ė havenít yet found jobs, while half of privately-sponsored refugees are already working.

Bottom line? The Trudeau Liberals have failed miserably on managing the immigration and refugee file.

This assessment does not come from the outside. It comes directly from the Immigration Department which was asked by the Liberals to evaluate where they stood on refugee matters.

The 11-year wait, and the $3 billion price tag, came from their own bureaucrats, not from outsiders.

It was an internal indictment.

The memo to the Liberals projects that asylum-seeking claims this year will hit 36,000, and not stop growing, the unstated reason being U.S. President Donald Trump putting the kibosh on refugees and travelers from most Muslim-dominated countries.

By the end of 2021, says the memo, the total refugee inventory will hit 192,700 claims, the equivalent of 133 months of output for the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), and therefore a wait time for claimants of 11 years.

The report low-balled the monthly amount of federal social support at $600 per claimant but, nonetheless, it will add up to a staggering $3 billion from 2017 through 2021, just to care for the growing influx of refugees and asylum-seekers.

This is not due to unintended consequences but because of the Liberalsí intentional neglect of their fiscal responsibilities.

They either ignored the costs, or did not factor them in.

Either way, itís a flagrant neglect of their sworn duty to guard taxpayer dollars against any and all abuses.

And it is not as if they were not warned.

According to the Canadian Press report, the IRB has been warning the Liberals for months that they are in way over their heads in their ability to keep pace with the rising numbers.

The governmentís response?

Another study of the immigration system, of course, and a report back by the summer of next year.

In other words, kick this harsh reality down the road


06-16-2017, 04:42 AM
I was reading that with glee until I scrolled down and saw it came from the Sun. Meaningless, unfortunately.

06-16-2017, 05:56 AM
He's simply trying to pave the way to become U.N. royalty.

M1917 Enfield
06-16-2017, 06:06 AM
Welcome to the new Canada which is trying hard to be like the UK, Germany, France, Sweden etc. are today under our glorious leader!

Butters Stotch
06-16-2017, 08:03 AM
I was reading that with glee until I scrolled down and saw it came from the Sun. Meaningless, unfortunately.

Why is it meaningless?

06-16-2017, 09:43 AM
He is creating an environment where we will be hit with a jihadist attack. He can then stand with his UN buddies and not be pushed off to the kiddie table at the next UN meeting.

06-16-2017, 09:49 AM
Why is it meaningless?

Preaching to the choir.

Butters Stotch
06-16-2017, 03:26 PM
Preaching to the choir.


killer kane
06-16-2017, 03:46 PM
Yup. the press fanboys and girls won't say bugger all about this and when one of these scum goes full tilt islamofacist, killing and or maiming a bunch of people, goofail will get the horsemen to ban some of our noisy mechanical stuff.