View Full Version : Trudeau breaks another promise. PMO and Cabinet offices won't be subjected to ATI requests.

06-19-2017, 10:47 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is reneging on its election promise to make the Prime Minister's Office and cabinet ministers' offices subject to Canada's Access to Information Act.

Instead, in proposed changes to the act introduced Monday, the government is promising to proactively release more information than it has in the past. For example, documents such as travel and hospitality expenses, briefing binders and mandate letters will be automatically made public.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Treasury Board President Scott Brison defended the government's decision, focusing on the promise of expanded proactive disclosure rather than the broken promise of allowing Canadians to file requests to access documents in the offices of cabinet ministers or the prime minister.

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06-19-2017, 11:47 PM
And even less of that transparency he talks of... oh well, if we need information from him there's always "plan B" -beat it out of him, faster than waiting on the paperwork anyway.

06-20-2017, 01:43 AM
Voice of experience, or voice of bureaucrats?

Voice of experience being that he didn't have a clue what being Prime Minster meant in 2015, despite having a prime minister for a father; and he's now learned that both politically and responsibly for the security of the nation there are things that you just don't want to waste your time with or risk with ATI requests.

Voice of bureaucrats being that they don't want what they do known to the public, lest they get their power and budgets cut.

06-20-2017, 04:22 AM
THIS IS A TOTAL SURPRISE....said nobody ever.

06-20-2017, 05:31 AM
Easy to buy votes from fools and potheads with pie in the sky promises that will never be kept. Apparently Canada has no shortage of either of the former group.

06-20-2017, 08:06 AM
He let the native bands go back to hiding their spending, so why would it be a surprise that he wants to hide his spending.
Learned a new term today. Gender fluid. It is a law now that you have to recognize it and not criticize it. Poor Canada.