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Specter Arms
06-20-2017, 04:26 PM
The Vomz PFO is sold by several vendors and is perhaps the most interesting of the reflex sights ever developed. It uses no batteries and
draws light from the surrounding area adjusting to be brighter when needed and dimer when needed. It uses a circle-dot reticle which is superior for shotgun use (guessing spread) and rapid target acquisition for any firearm.


It is designed to be mounted on the rib of a shotgun. The problem is, lots of modern shotguns are doing away with the rib and this design also
prevents it from being mounted on other guns.

At the gun shows people are always amazed at its simple yet effective design and almost everyone asked the same question: “how can I mount it on my rifle?”

I set about developing a simple solution; create a picatinny to shotgun rib adapter.

The new adapter is machined out of Nylatron type 6 for a structurally sturdy but lightweight mount. As most picatiny rails are located above
the receiver only and the PFO is designed to be placed in the scout position, the adapter I deigned will have the sight overhang a short distance while still allowing all the adjustment screws to engage.

The inevitable question I am asked is “How do I adjust windage and elevation?” Adjustment can be a bit of a pain Windage is adjusted by opposing set screws on the side of the mount. This method is a little more difficult and involved than the traditional optic but fortunately only needs to be done once. Elevation is done by the set screws on the top. To make adjustment easier, I will remove the optic from the box and mount it in alignment to the rib; hopefully reducing the time for the end user to adjust it.
I sell the mount for $40 and the sight for $140 on the website.

But don’t forget; on checkout use the gun owners of Canada discount code creatively named “GOC”