View Full Version : Highend scope with mounting rail for traditional claw mounts.

08-06-2017, 06:34 PM
I need a VERY GOOD scope, 4x or small variable with the traditional rail on it for claw mounts. I do not want a big, heavy variable and any of the German, Austrian or better Chech brands will do. I want a heavy "Duplex" reticle, but, am flexible.

My ideal scope would be one of the mid-1960s Zeiss 2.75x or 1x4x variables in minty shape and maybe someone here has one collecting dust which they can turn into $$$$$?

No beaters, soldered mounts or off brand stuff, this is to go on my most recent combo gun, very choice 16-7x57r German piece and it ain't gonna wear anything but the best.