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08-14-2017, 12:52 AM
Which of these can you think of a reason why what they've actually done is not a step forward?
Can you do them all ?


08-14-2017, 03:26 AM
#30 should be to resign because the first 29 are pretense.

08-14-2017, 04:20 AM
Don't know enough about the passenger bill of rights.

08-14-2017, 05:55 AM
and they forgot to mention #31 paying off a terrorist from a family of known terrorists for future votes
that one has been discussed more than any issue around here, because it is the only thing from this list they actually have completed

08-14-2017, 08:02 AM
#32 open borders

08-14-2017, 08:34 AM
What the hell is a gender based budget?

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08-14-2017, 10:50 AM
I see 28 examples of pathetic, do nothing Liberal virtue signalling and identity politics and one example of something to affect the middle class.

And that one thing, carbon taxes, will HURT the middle class, not help the middle class.

08-14-2017, 10:58 AM
I see 28 examples of pathetic, do nothing Liberal virtue signalling and identity politics and one example of something to affect the middle class.

And that one thing, carbon taxes, will HURT the middle class, not help the middle class.

But it will create a wealth transfer (see robbed) into the pockets of them and their friends.

08-14-2017, 12:43 PM
I am a child of the 70's and 80's...


These sound like a bunch of Participaction Ribbons!

They are probably stuck on the fridge with great pride in the Turdo household... by the Nanny, of course.

CLW .45
08-14-2017, 05:07 PM
Each represents the intrusion of big government in our lives.


08-15-2017, 02:13 AM
What the hell is a gender based budget?

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It looks like a budget post-divorce.

Your money awarded to the woman, supposedly for the "accidental" bastard, but it really goes to the casino while the kid gets neglected.

08-15-2017, 02:25 AM
It looks like a budget post-divorce.

Your money awarded to the woman, supposedly for the "accidental" bastard, but it really goes to the casino while the kid gets neglected.

Or the drug dealer while the kids go without.

08-15-2017, 04:30 AM
1) "Pricing carbon pollution"
This is bad because it hurts the economy and jobs and international competitiveness, and it's worse, in the Ruin Canada sense, if NAFTA lowers trade barriers.
Worse still the federal Liberals didn't actually do anything here. They're forcing the provinces to implement a plan, so that the provinces will take any negative opinions in the voter pools -- thus it's a talking point, not something the federal Liberals are paying for.
So in both ways they're making others pay for their ideology.

2) "Prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression"
This is really horrible stuff, and bad Law. Forcing people to utter things they don't believe. Punishing people for failure to utter things they don't know. Giving more power to our horrid non-due-process unfair Human Rights Tribunals.

3) "Appointed Special Advisor to the PM for LGBTQ2 issues"
If that took more than 30 seconds I'd be surprised. Probably started with "I know a guy", and ended with "Let's put him on the government payroll."

4) "Advancing reconciliation with Inuit, First Nations, and the Metis Nation"
The only thing I've seen thus far is him going round to listen and a few promises made -- no actual progress on any of their fronts, and they're more upset than they've been in years.
They tried to foist some building off on them, which they rejected as culturally insensitive.
The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) commissioners have all resigned, and whatever they spent the last year doing was an utter waste of everyone's time and money.

5) "Dedicated a new space for Indigenous Peoples facing Parliament Hill"
Which they hate and don't want and won't use.

6) "Historic Public Transit Investments"
They borrowed $60 billion dollars, spent unconscionable amounts of it out of the country (to buy justin international popularity points which seem to have been a waste), and offered a couple billion here and there for public transit, always with strings attached and photo ops for justin.

7) "Signed the Canada EU Trade agreement"
Stepped in at the last minute after the Conservatives did all the real work,
and embarrassed the country by literally crying about not getting their way in a timely manor.

8) "Gender-based analysis of budget 2017"
How close is this to the Google memo disaster of this week?

9) "New defense policy for a strong, secure, and engaged Canada"
Promised billions, but none of it until after the next federal election. Which is to say they've done nothing -- except cancel a few contracts for airplanes wasting billions of investment.

10) "Historic new investments in affordable housing"
Historic? Has this never been done before?
Since when is housing a federal responsibility, constitutionally. So they're spending money on topics they have no authority to, because no one can stop them.

11) "Tabled legislation for a new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency"
I don't know much about this one.
Nonetheless, if it hasn't passed, they sure haven't done anything yet.

12) "Feminist International Assistance Policy"
"Feminist" probably isn't a good thing. justin likes the word, self-identifies as a feminist.
"Policy" means they don't have to do anything.
"International" means they're spending outside of Canada.
They seem to think money grows on trees -- perhaps its part of their climate change plan (trees and money). They've said that Canada needs to spend to grow, and they're spending outside of Canada (outside of the business) -- I've never heard of a single business that would consider these two conflicting needs simultaneously without having the board thrown out by an emergency meeting of the shareholders.

13) "Supporting up to 40,000 affordable childcare spaces over the next 3 years"
What about after that? Sounds like they're trying to buy the 2019 election -- we give you 'free' stuff with your own money. Don't elect us and it'll be taken away.
It's a false economy, that exists as long as they're paying for it.

14) "Repealed unfair provisions of the Citizenship Act"
They got rid of the revoke citizenship provisions, and yet the Liberals have revoked citizenship of more people than the Conservatives ever did.
They got rid of the minimum time limits, got rid of the requirement to speak an official language, and they got rid of the requirement to know the history or traditions of Canadians.
Combined with that court case of the man who took a hockey stick to his wife because he didn't know it was illegal in Canada.

15) "Helping more students learn how to code [computers]"
Every day I hear about 3 year olds who can operate a computer.
My first day in university the professor told the students that all assignments would be in COBOL, and that he wasn't going to teach it. No one knew COBOL, but we had all purchased the textbook. It was Monday, he told us to read it by Wednesday, to write our first programs on Thursday to verify we had access to the computer lab and could log on, and that Wednesday he'd be handing out our first programming assignment which was due on Friday. It struck me at the time that University was a new level of competitiveness, and the statement by the Dean in the introductory lecture that odds were the people on either side of us were not going to graduate were likely true (60% fail out rate over 4 years).
The point is programming theory is a topic, but merely learning to code isn't that big a deal. Thinking that it is shows how little they know.
"Building on work being done by impressive organizations like Ladies Learning Code, we will encourage students to learn coding in the same way they learn to read and write, preparing our kids for the jobs of the future" (Budget 2017)

16) "Strategy to address gender-based violence"
Like this hasn't come up before?
For example, exaggerations on this score led to the Firearms Act abomination.

17) "Introduced a passenger bill of rights"
This isn't so much about rights, but rather compensation when certain contractual agreements are broken.
For example, if they overbook a flight and won't let you on board a plane you've been waiting 3 hours for, you now get a couple dollars with the amount specified by legislation rather than competitiveness.
Gabor Lukacs, an air passenger rights advocate, says he doesn't think this bill will change anything, and that passengers will be better off taking their claims to small claims court.
The bill also does other things, like increase foreign ownership of Canadian air industry.

18) "New transport safety standards"
A bunch of bureaucratic regulations appeared, but I don't know if any of them were Liberal initiatives.
UAV drones have a bunch of new rules.
Pleasure Craft Operators now required to carry proof of competency, which was previously a provincial responsibility.
Canadian Aviation Regulations haven't actually changed, merely consolidated the Air Regulations and Air Navigation Orders -- revisions of which had always been ongoing. Indeed if these ever stopped being revised that would be incredibly irresponsible.
This really sounds like a government that's doing nothing, doing so little parliamentary Bill work that it's embarrassing, desperately looking for something to say they've accomplished.

19) "Significant action to combat the opiod crisis"
Like what? Everyone is still complaining about overdoses left right and center. Almost a thousand dead in BC last year from fentanyl, and another almost 400 in Alberta
We've got fentanyl and who knows what else killing people, being mixed in with other stuff, and mixed messages from Ottawa about enforcement.
As far as I know this is getting worse, not better.

20) "Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act"
This was a private member's bill introduced by Liberal backbencher Ron McKinnon.
The law provides immunity from certain simple possession charges for anyone calling 911 to report an overdose.
But they didn't tell anyone about it. Have you heard of this? How is it going to save lives if no one knows about it?
It's not a secret of course, unlike the fictional fence law that then Chief Bill Blair now Liberal MP made up in the G20 summit with the support of the Ontario Liberals.
It's a Bill and an Act, so it's not a secret in that sense -- merely in every other sense.

21) "More money for home care and mental health care"
We all remember the press covering the provinces screaming at the Conservatives for lowering it, when in fact they were raising it.
The Liberals are merely maintaining the Conservative's plan -- but the media aren't covering the provinces complaints.

22) "Introduced a bill to legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana"
A bill that benefits ex-Liberal MP owned pot growing companies, while increasing criminal penalties for their competition.
A bill that everyone who voted Liberal on this topic feels betrays what they were promised, decriminalization.
A bill that says it 'restricts access to marijuana', but actually increases access because no one can be convicted for transporting small amounts so the kids will be sharing smaller amounts because it's easier to move, and they'll be getting supply from their parents legal home grown pot plants, etc.
Their biggest critics, have had their bail conditions make it much harder to complain about the Liberal government in a way that can affect votes -- such as having to divest themselves of their newspaper or anything else related.

23) "Developing a plan for more affordable pharmaceuticals"
Yeah right. Pharmaceutical companies are some of the most highly paid lobbyists in Canada and the USA.

24) "Support for veterans and their families transitioning to post-military life"
Which of the several things the veterans hate about the past 2 years changes is this one?
Taxation of wages for those who are deployed?
Lump sum payments for PTSD victims, which ends up with them being homeless later in life.
Or some other disaster of a strategy in a sector the Liberals are defunding.

25) "Tax relief for deployed Canadian Armed Forces"
They created the problem, and then they undid the problem.
"To politicians, solved problems represent a dire threat — of unemployment and poverty. That's why no problem ever tackled by the government has ever been solved. What they want is lots of problems they can promise to solve, so that we'll keep electing them — or letting them keep their jobs in a bureaucracy metastasizing like cancer." (L. Neil Smith)
Creating a problem, enables them to take credit for solving it.

26) "Oceans Protection Plan"
$1.5 billion.
But they've only made announcements of spending $200 million. What they're spending the $200 million sounds good: $75 million for Pacific salmon restoration (3,000 students in 105 classrooms raising Pacific salmon in classroom incubators release in 15 streams). $108 million for seven new lifeboat stations. $7 million to clean up abandoned vessels on the ocean shores.
The $200 billion is being described as to "rehabilitate" the federal fisheries department and Canadian Coast Guard after years of Conservative cuts. OK, but what about the other $1.3 billion?
The timing of this announcement was just before the Kinder Morgan announcement, so the $ amount and the timing are politically, not practically, motivated.

27) "Major new investments in skills training"
Only in these areas: advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, health/bio-sciences and clean resources
The Budget said that by doing that, they'd
- grow Canada’s goods and services exports -- from resources, advanced manufacturing and others -- by 30 per cent by 2025
- double the number of high-growth companies in Canada, particularly in the digital, clean technology and health technology sectors, from 14,000 to 28,000 by 2025
What's actually happened is the Research and Innovation Grants have dropped.

28) "Introduced a bill to remove oil tankers from BC's north coast"
They did that to offset the Kinder Morgan approval.
Several complaints from the Natives who live in the region who were hoping for $.
And now BC is threatening to scuttle Kinder Morgan.

29) "A fair and balanced approach to labour relations"
Amends the Income Tax Act to remove from that Act the requirement that labour organizations and labour trusts provide annually to the Minister of National Revenue information that would be made available to the public.
Basically this is to undo the Conservative law passed June 2015.

08-15-2017, 06:13 AM
Side note: #15 I couldn't agree more. "Code" or "coding" is a dumbing down of "developing" which is in turn a dumbing down of "programming".

08-15-2017, 08:23 PM
Number of reserved words in Java: 50
Number of words a dog can understand: 165.