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Weekend Gunslingers
08-14-2017, 11:42 AM

By John Anthony
14 Aug 2017


Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Kim Jong Un and his band of military goons have been destabilizing the world’s peace by repeatedly testing nuclear weapons in defiance of Trump.

Our leaders in the past have tried dealing with North Korea using diplomacy, and it didn’t work. Bill Clinton gave them billions of dollars in a disastrous energy deal, only to later find out that they’d back-stabbed him and the American people by going back on their end of the agreement.

Obama also tried being diplomatic with North Korea, despite his occasional hollow threats—it didn’t work. Ever since the 90’s, North Korea has slowly and steadily been advancing their nuclear research, all with the stated end goal of “ending America.”

Daily Mail reports:

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have been mounting since the second ICBM test last month, leading to the UN to pass new sanctions on North Korean trade.
That led to a series of furious statements from North Korea, which in turn prompted Donald Trump’s threat to unleash ‘fire and fury’ on the dictatorship unless it reigned in its rhetoric.
Kim has since threatened to strike the US territory of Guam, while Trump has said weapons are ‘locked and loaded’ in case of another ‘overt threat’ from the North.
It is unclear whether President Trump would consider a fresh missile test an ‘overt threat’, but allies in the region have been preparing for conflict to break out, with Japan deploying Patriot missile defenses.
On Monday it was revealed that North Korea has recalled its ambassadors to key allies Russia and China, along with its UN representative, to Pyongyang for talks.

While Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to stop this psychopathic tyrant from getting his hands on weapons of mass destruction, it seems that it already may be too late. Years of disastrous liberal policies have set us up for desolation, and many are questioning whether or not a nuclear war is inevitable.

Even worse, however, is the fact that Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in two whole weeks. He suddenly vanished from the public eye, and hasn’t been seen since—many are worried that he may be hunkering down in preparation for a new nuclear test, or even an attack. Daily Mail adds:

Kim Jong-un has disappeared from the public eye for the last two weeks raising fears that another missile launch could be imminent.
The last time the North Korean dictator was missing for this long was before the two most recent tests of the Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korean outlet KBS reports.
There are fears that a public holiday on August 15 marking the Korean Peninsula’s liberation from Japan at the end of the Second World War could be used to fire a new rocket.

It is uncertain whether or not North Korea will attack the United States, but if they do, they’re in for a world of hurt. As we previously reported, our military absolutely dwarfs theirs—they don’t even have 1% of the funding that we do, so poking the bear wouldn’t be a smart move.

Whether Kim Jong Un’s disappearance is simply a coincidence, or something far more sinister, remains to be seen. Be sure to stay tuned for more breaking updates as we will publish new information as it comes to light.

08-14-2017, 12:00 PM
Sounds like a bunch of made up garbage

08-14-2017, 12:40 PM
found him,,


killer kane
08-14-2017, 05:03 PM
Damn, I was hoping he'd be found rotting in a ditch.

08-14-2017, 11:45 PM
He's probably on a 55 gallon schmoo cheese eating binge in a locked room somewhere.


08-15-2017, 05:14 AM
North Korea's Kim Jong Un now has a plan to attack Guam, but he's holding his missile fire: State media
-- 2017/08/15 https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/14/north-korea-kim-jong-un-will-watch-the-us-longer-kcna-reports.html

Kim Jong Un briefed on Guam attack plan, will watch 'stupid American behavior for a bit longer'
-- 2017/08/15 http://abcnews.go.com/International/kim-jong-briefed-guam-attacks-sources/story?id=49216116

08-15-2017, 05:56 AM
Funny how they're not reporting that as a win for Trump.

08-15-2017, 08:30 PM
Funny how they're not reporting that as a win for Trump.

It really is a "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" type moment. What happens next will verify or erode the previous quote.

08-15-2017, 08:31 PM
Damn, I was hoping he'd be found rotting in a ditch.

......with a 7.62 x 25mm hole in his head, courtesy of Chinese Special Forces.

08-15-2017, 09:44 PM
Funny how they're not reporting that as a win for Trump.

- Robert E. Lee was tremendously respected by north and south. When the war started, the north wanted Robert E. Lee to lead their side. 5 years before the war Robert E. Lee who was never a slave owner, forced his wife who was, to give up her slaves. So attacking him because of support of slave ownership is wrong, indeed they should want to venerate the man.
- The flag is not the confederate flag, but rather the personal flag of Robert E. Lee.
- The Dukes of Hazard car is not named 'slave owners', it's named for Robert E. Lee
- It's Trump's job, indeed he swore an oath, to defend the Constitution of the United States, which includes free speech. It's his job to support the administration of justice, which includes the support of due process and Laws.

Trump's latest in person press briefing on Charletown he pointed out that
- The people supporting the statue who were there first had a permit. The instigators of violence had no permit.
- "Not all of those people were neo-Nazis." Trump again blasted the white supremacists in Charlottesville, and he also tore into the man charged with driving his car into a group of Antifa counter-protesters as a "disgrace to his family and country... a murderer." He condemned neo-Nazis and white nationalists, again and again over the past several days. (Tonight's The National said he didn't, and interviewed several people who said he didn't) "not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were White Supremacists, by any stretch. Those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E. Lee. ... But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. Now, in the other group also, you had some fine people, but you also had troublemakers. "
- "Are we going to take down statues to George Washington?" "George Washington was a slave-owner. Was George Washington a slave-owner? So, will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down – excuse me – are we going to take down – are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson? What do you think of Thomas Jefferson? You like him? Are we going to take down the statue? Because he was a major slave-owner. Now, are we going to take down his statue? So you know what? It's fine. You're changing history. You're changing culture." The left went nuts about this, saying it was inappropriate to complain about slave owners like Washington and Jefferson, when the narrative was about how slave owners were bad like non-slave owner Robert E. Lee. Lincoln was serious about freeing the slaves and shipping them back to Africa. West Virginia is lousy with tributes to Klansman (and Democrat) Robert Byrd. Ulysses Grant owned slaves.
- "There was violence on both sides." (The National's guests went on and on about how the instigators of the violence were justified because there were white supremacists there, while the anchor nodded) Trump said "You had a group on one side and you had a group on the other, and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible. And it was a horrible thing to watch. But there is another side. There was a group on this side, you can call them the left. You've just called them the left – that came violently attacking the other group. So you can say what you want, but that's the way it is. ..." The media is interpreting this as Trump is taking back his statements condemning white supremacy.
- for the first time Trump said "I didn’t wait long. I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct. Not make a quick statement." and the media is not applauding him for looking into the facts. Unlike Obama who increased violence with his statements that proved to be un-factual. On the other hand he appears to be lying, since most of his 48 hour later statements appear to have come from a memo drafted on Saturday.
- He said it was his job to defend the right of the local politicians to decide if the statue stayed up or was taken down. That they, not the protesters, not him, were the ones who should rightly decide what to do. To leave it, move it, recycle it, destroy it, sell it to private collectors or museums, or keep your history before you good and bad for discussion. He worries about what's next? The current American flag, the stars and stripes, was approved in June 14 1977 by several slave owners -- is that justification to get rid of the American Flag?
- He ranted at the media for portraying things that were false, and ignoring things that were true. The media have refused to talk about Antifa’s violent tactics across the nation, which continued today outside the North Center courthouse. The Left focuses on tearing down statues and defacing property when they should be condemning violence.
- David Duke and Richard Spencer liked Trump's statements. That can't be a good thing.

Ben Shapiro writes:
There are strong arguments on both sides of the aisle regarding the removal of Confederate war monuments. In favor: the Confederacy lost, as it should have; the people who fought for the Confederacy fought to uphold the evil institution of slavery, and descendants of slaves shouldn’t have to foot the bill for the upkeep of monuments to their would-be oppressors. That's a pretty damn good argument. Opposed: those who fought for the Confederacy weren’t only fighting over slavery — about one-third of white families under the Confederacy owned slaves — but over their belief that their states should be free of federal encroachment; removing historic memorials generally is a bad idea because it prevents us from discussing our history, both good and ill. These are arguments that should be had at the public level, and voting should solve them. My own position is that the Confederate flag shouldn’t fly over public grounds but is perfectly appropriate with regard to Confederate war memorials, that Confederate war memorials have little to do with the perpetuation of racism today, and that the best solution might be to privatize those memorials and place them in museums in any case.
But the Left isn’t interested in these arguments. There’s a broader, two-pronged agenda at work here. The first prong: label a huge number of common symbols racist. There’s a movement afoot to tear down statues of Thomas Jefferson, to stop students from wearing the American flag to school on Cinco De Mayo, to end the playing of the National Anthem at football games. The Confederate flag and Confederate war memorials are only the first step toward that goal. It’s rather obvious that the Left has no such interest in tearing down statues of Robert Byrd in the U.S. Capitol or Vladimir Lenin in Seattle.
The second prong: tear down the symbols without due process of law. That’s what we’re seeing in Durham. It’s what we’ve seen in the vandalism directed against statues elsewhere. That’s part of the broader leftist legitimization of lawbreaking and violence; that legitimization has led to the growth of movements like Antifa, which spreads violence in its wake.

08-16-2017, 12:49 AM
But kimmie has nice hair though. Perhaps if things don't work out in the DPRK, he can run for the NDP leadership and stand a real chance of forming the next Canadian government.

08-16-2017, 12:57 AM
But kimmie has nice hair though. Perhaps if things don't work out in the DPRK, he can run for the NDP leadership and stand a real chance of forming the next Canadian government.

Does he speak French?

08-16-2017, 09:19 AM
Does he speak French?

His dad invented French.....