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08-15-2017, 04:02 PM
Lethbridge, Alberta

Justin Trudeau is beatable.

To many casual observers this is an obvious statement, however the Conservatives and their leader Andrew Scheer have been treating Justin as an untouchable entity. They will not dare attack him on anything that doesn’t involve numbers (taxes, jobs, debt, etc.).

It is not the first time this strategy has been tried, and it has always failed. It is an almost identical strategy to that of Stockwell Day in the 2000 federal election. Day had a reputation as a social conservative (like Scheer), so to avoid this label, Day only attacked Chretien on fiscal issues – also known as ‘boring issues’ – Chretien would go on to win a majority government.

I first noticed Scheer waving the white flag during the Omar Khadr debacle. Several prominent MPs including Michelle Rempel appeared on U.S.-based news outlets, in her case Fox News. To distract from their deeply unpopular settlement with the convicted terrorist, the Liberals began attacking the Tories for going south of the border to voice their grievances. After that moment, Scheer gagged his MPs and not another one of them appeared on a news outlet outside of Canada. This was a major strategic victory for the Liberals, they were bleeding badly, under siege at home and abroad, and yet they still managed to make the Conservatives surrender without even firing a shot.

If I was a strategist for the Conservative Party, I would have done the exact opposite. I would have doubled-down, employing an even more aggressive anti-Liberal campaign both at home and in the United States. Once you’ve committed the act, it is impossible to undo it, therefore instead of admitting wrongdoing by stopping, you must continue the attack and deal with the outcome. You may still come out on the wrong end, but your opponent will have suffered casualties in the process.

About a week after Scheer capitulated to the Liberals, polls came out showing Justin’s approval rating had actually gone up since the Khadr pay out. This surprised many, but I saw this coming from a mile away. Justin was on the ground, Scheer’s foot was on his neck, the only thing Justin could do was hope Scheer would let him up, Scheer did just that.

Instead of interpreting Justin’s rising approval rating as a sign that Scheer had been too weak on him, the Tories took it as a sign that Scheer had been too hard on him. This has proven to be a terrible mistake. Scheer’s timidness gives Justin Trudeau complete license to advance his radical agenda as far as he sees fit. He knows Scheer will only attack him on numbers and other boring technicalities nobody cares about.

The influx in illegal border crossings has risen dramatically over the summer. As many as 500 illegals are crossing into Quebec every day. As an astute political analyst, I saw this as an excellent opportunity for Scheer to redeem himself and create wedge issue that would also ignite his base. After all, it is the biggest story in Canada right now. So far Scheer has avoided the issue like it’s a political grenade. He has not mentioned the issue once on social media or in the press. Why? Because he does not have the testicular fortitude to do so.

Scheer’s silence on the illegal border crossing fiasco gives Justin Trudeau the freedom to go on vacation without having to worry about any opposition on the homefront.

The way to beat Justin Trudeau is to become the anti-Justin Trudeau. Becoming a pudgier, less attractive, more boring version of Justin Trudeau – which appears to be Scheer’s objective – is a strategy that will end only in catastrophic defeat.

Justin’s entire political brand is built on “sunny ways” substance lacking, feel good emotions. To defeat this brand you must use an emotion stronger than love – anger.

There are many things that anger people about the Justin Trudeau regime. The fact that Billions of taxpayer dollars are being shipped overseas to third world dictatorships through “foreign aid” while Canadians are struggling to make ends meet. The fact that $10.5 Million was given to a convicted terrorist while Canadian veterans and their families barely get anything. The fact that thousands of illegal immigrants are flooding into Canada every week only to drain our overburdened tax base. These are the issues anyone trying to defeat Justin Trudeau must emphasize. The objective must be to get people angry about the incompetence and downright corruption of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal crooks.

So far Scheer has highlighted none of the issues above.

If all you have to offer is “keep taxes low” – you deserve to lose.


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08-15-2017, 04:03 PM
from elsewhere, a nice list

Trudeau is very vulnerable on irresponsible and wasteful spending on many things, especially pet Liberal causes with a social and political flavor (natives, climate stuff, refugees, illegal migrants, Quebec subsidies). He's also foot dragging on pipelines and will most likely have his lunch eaten by Trump in the upcoming NAFTA talks.

There's not much point in campaigning on tax cuts, but there is huge value in nailing him on debt and deficits. Conservatives should steer clear of issues like gays, abortion, same sex marriage and niqabs as we've already crossed the line on these things. They are now fringe issues and there's no going back. He's also vulnerable on being soft on terrorism, security issues and illegal migration posing as refugees.

There's also a good case to be made for government incompetence and mismanagement as a result of selecting Ministers based on identity rather than ability. As always the economy will be a big issue, and possibly Quebec. Liberals always die on the economy and Quebec.

08-15-2017, 04:10 PM
Cabot Mackenzie: How to beat Justin Trudeau

Forbes/Hutton: with a brick

08-15-2017, 04:37 PM
"So far Scheer has highlighted none of the issues above"


It's the summer. The vast majority of voters are more concerned about family vacations and getting the kids ready for the back to school silly season.

Why attack Trudeau when people aren't paying attention during the summer? You keep your powder dry until more people are paying attention. Historical data shows CPC numbers rise in fall and winter, drop off in spring and especially summer.

Scheer has been doing what a new leader should be doing - traveling the country talking to people and getting his leadership team and shadow cabinet ready for the return of parliament in September.

Then you pound Trudeau into the sand.

08-15-2017, 08:26 PM
Cabot Mackenzie: How to beat Justin Trudeau

Forbes/Hutton: with a brick

Carguy2550: with a cinder block (as much as that would be a waste of a good cinder block)