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10-05-2012, 11:35 PM
If anyone follows James Wesley Rawles' "Survivalblog," the third installment of his series was recently released revolving around a fictional hyperinflationary collapse of the US dollar causing a complete collapse of the US economy and a break down of law and order.

I just started to read it and had a hard time putting it down after 4 chapters - I guess I'll spread it out over a few nights - but it seems as if it's quite a bit better than his previous book "Survivors." His fictional writing style seems to have improved quite a bit, although so far he hasn't nearly put in as many technical survival tactics as he did in "Patriots."

Be warned, his Christian perspective again is VERY prevelent through his work and if that offends you, you might not like large swaths of the book. As someone who is biased toward and in favour of Evangelical Christianity myself, I have no problems with it. If anything, his description of the idiosycrancies of different Christian denominations is really refreshing.

A lot of the technical information he has though is incredibly fascinating. His tenure as a US Army Intelligence Officer really shows as well. Funny, the Int O's I met all seemed like bumbling idiots - Rawles' though seems to be a really well rounded individual - possessing good tactical AND strategic knowledge and competency.

It should be interesting, it's a bit hard to follow since he has 3-4 different plots running at the same time, but at least 2 so far are continuations of plots he started in both Patriots and Survivors. In particular, the escape and evasion story of the Layton couple should be very interesting.

I really look forward to finishing it, and so far, I'm really enjoying it.

10-06-2012, 09:58 AM
Going to have to get it. I've read the two previous, and if you say this is better than survivors I'll have to agree even without seeing this new one lol.

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10-08-2012, 12:14 AM
just picked up survivors yesterday, before i found this thread. loved it as does the wife. No offense harbl, but some of your silver topics i do find hard to follow, and confusing, however the way rawles lays it out in survivors, it clicked finally. As far as the Christianity, I am not christian, however, i didn't find the content to be offensive or over done at all.

10-09-2012, 04:38 PM
So I burned through a bit more of it. I found the way he developed the backstories in Survivours to be a bit awkward - especially a lot of the romance elements. They just felt really awkward, but it was pretty clear he was trying to convey the importance of relationships, instead of trying to just come up with a fictional survival manual. He tries again in Founders, and while it still seems a bit awkward, it's certainly an improvement. I think he was trying to put that element in to give his books more of a market appeal with women - since if you read Patriots - the content was pure manliness. More power to him for trying to expand his market and horizons.

Also, there were a few story elements that were left completely unresolved that, I believe are being resolved in Founders.

He still kept the same format with 5-6 concurrent storylines, so it can be a bit confusing keeping track of them all, but he also has the format of having a very profound and relevant quote as the preamble to each chapter.

What is VERY interesting though is in the first few chapters of Survivors and Patriots, he describes how the crash unfolds. Literally EVERYTHING he said would happen has happened or is unfolding right at this very moment - the derivatives market bubble, the stock market crash and dead cat bounce, the debt monetization, the lack of political will to make the hard decisions, the loss of US creditworthiness, and the rejection of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. In his description of the crunch, he describes how the US presidential election more or less coincided with the crash. Interestingly enough, that's where we are at this very moment.

Also interestingly enough is the premise for how "the Crunch" started, he wrote about 20 years ago...

Who knows, maybe TPTB will be able to kick the can down the road for another election cycle - but reading the first chapter of Patriots/Survivors - it is eerily ominous how he describes the Crunch unfolding almost exactly coincides with current state of affairs.

As for silver, Rawles' blog was one of the big reasons I decided to invest in silver. I had been doing tangibles before hand - food, guns, etc. but the silver story above and beyond what Rawles wrote about really got me intrigued to the point that it is an interest all it's own for me.