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04-12-2012, 12:14 PM
PSE King Products Supreme Lite Quiver Review


Purchased From:
Wholesale Sports, Langley
$46.99 + tax
Avail Colours:
Black, Camo, Black/Pink (Black/Pink shown)

Why Did I Purchase It:
Went to an archery competition in January and noticed I was the only archer without a quiver, and there was no place for a quiver-less person to put their arrows - Used my tall winter boots to hold my arrows. My arrows stabbed me in the ankles. Was a bit awkward walking with arrows in the boots. Was looking for something that went with my hot pink gear, could hold my release, a pen and notepad, my camera, tools to fix my gear, and cash. Brand and style were the same as those who target shoot at the events I've been to; not many options available.

-Met all the qualities I wanted in a target shooting quiver.
-Colour was close to what I was looking for.

-Movement is a bit stilted, as the quiver swings back and forth as I walk. In a full stride arrows can interfere with walking, and running is out of the question.
-Can only use quiver if you wear a belt. No beltless solutions on the market.
-Very simple construction, unfinished edges (possibility of unravelling with hard use)

-Needs an adjustable and easy-to-use thigh strap right above the hard plastic insert to make the arrows stationary.
-Needs adjustable options on where the quiver sits on the leg
-Needs beltless option

Yay or Nay?
It's a Nay. Back to the drawing board.