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03-24-2018, 12:14 PM

March 20

Keeping Communities Safe from Gun Violence.
The new legislation will
- enhance background checks
- keep firearms out of the wrong hands
- be fair to legitimate firearms owners

Today we introduced legislation to help make our communities safer and support effective police work, while being fair to law-abiding firearms owners

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Bucky Grits After 33 years policing. Iím still wondering how making someone call the CFO to get a paper ATT to transport to a Gunsmith will make Canadians safer . The caller has registered firearm , licence , club membership and ATT for their club. Please tell me please.
How many drug dealers do you know that take a course . Do the exams ...fill out the application for a firearm licence . Under go back ground checks . Wait 6 months for a licence . They donít .
It will not stop drug gangs or organized crime . Itís feel good legislation meant to appease the ignorant and naive for one purpose only ...VOTES.
Iíve heard this so many times..if it saves on life. In that case ban booze . Drunk drivers kill 1200-1400 a year in Canada . Canadaís homicide rate is around 600 . Fully 2/3 are knives blunt force trauma.
High risk life style accounts for many firearm homicides . People without licenses .

Sean Kasper If you are pushing for more abortions while, at the same time, talking about child safety and making the community safer, you must have Ďliberal valuesí.

Regan Ludwig You don't even use your own data do ya Ralph? The problem is drug trafficking and organized crime. How do regulations on already very law abiding owners affect the real problem?? How will these laws have any affect on the black market brokered by the aforementioned real issues.
We don't have issues like the US either, so is this just a play on the public hysteria transferring sometimes from down south. Really after all the blunders you've made do you think we won't notice AG and other sectors were "also rans" in the budget. Half way through a term and wanting to jeep a promise...spend 300 mill on this? We haven't forgotten the billions wasted by the other long gun registry and regulations. Get your priorities right. We need to transition Canada to the information/value added economy. We missed the boat on the manufacturing one and are stuck in a commodity economy

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John P Tuerlings Pipelines are a bigger issue than gun control in Canada. Why is this all you talked about this week when the pipeline issue is far more important. Time to crack down and get this pipeline built.

Matthew Majore How is this legislation any different than what we have now? We are already required to take a gun course and have a background check to get a gun license... In fact once you have a gun license your name is run through the RCMP data base every single day... A good start would be sorting out the confusing gun classifications. Maybe have them written by people who actually know guns...

Chris Ford Just to note - there has always been very stringent background checks dating back to C68 and before. You cannot purchase a firearm without a license. Most retailers will not even let you hold a firearm until you provide your federal firearms license. The requirement for an ATT when transporting restricted class firearms has never stopped, it was simply part of a restricted license. The liberals are just making it more cumbersome by having to have an extra piece of paper in the car. How many criminals have licenses anyway?! Lol. Giving more classification powers to the police only enhances the police state. We elect politicians to make policy, not police. Not one thing in this useless bill does anything for public safety. Not one. It simply appeases the naive and ignorant. (aka - the liberal voter base) What a typical crock from the liberal party. Laughable!

Ross Legaarden "Keep firearms out of the wrong hands" you've done nothing to make it more difficult for criminals to acquire firearms

"be fair to legitimate firearms owners" you've made it more difficult to become and/or continue to be a legitimate firearm owner


Alexander Ver Thank you for making unelected bureaucrats into law makers! You are the politician we need for the rest of us to realize how far the Liberal party has fallen out of being an actual liberalism party. Thank for the authoritarian policies.

Michael Saunders Absolutely nothing in this will curb gang violence, way to go LIEbrals, you have pissed of many law abiding citizens and made a lot of criminals very happy.

James Smith Ralphie, are you actually that stupid. These laws already exist. I have PAL and RPAL and nothing has changed in terms of me acquiring and possessing a gun. Are you truly that obtuse

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03-24-2018, 01:16 PM
Scary to think Goodale is a Trudeau resignation away from the Prime Ministers chair.

03-24-2018, 02:22 PM
1) Enhanced background checks - A licence application and 5-year renewal application will request mental health and criminal information for a lifetime rather than the past 5 years as it currently (since 1995) does. While criminal information has always been easy to check (every licensed firearms owner is checked against a list of firearms prohibitions daily), there is no way to verify mental health information beyond what an applicant may volunteer on the form. This may also discourage a licensed firearms owner from seeking mental health care, as one incident will then haunt the applicant for life for every renewal. Bottom line: No effect, lies, smoke and mirrors.

2) Keep firearms out of the wrong hands. As above, there is no effect or changes as to who may or may not LEGALLY own a firearm. Those who choose to ILLEGALLY own a firearm will, and will continue to do so. The wrong hands, according to the Liberal party, appear to be the LEGAL firearms owners, as the Bill is pointed squarely at us and does nothing to address criminality. Bottom line: No effect on crime, lies, smoke and mirrors.

3) Fair to legitimate firearms owners. A bold-faced lie. Bill C-71 contains a blanket future grandfathering clause for any firearm which may be re-classified from legal (non-restricted or restricted) to prohibited. As every potential new firearm sold in Canada MUST first be classified as legal before sale, this grandfathering/prohibition clause applies only to firearms currently in legal possession of Canadian firearms owners, potentially for decades without public safety issues. Grandfathering allows the licensed to keep the firearm, but its use is severely curtailed (range only, IF they grant the permit to transport to the range which they stopped doing for many previously prohibited firearms). The prohibited firearm may only be bought and sold by those individuals with the proper endorsement on their license. The firearm therefore becomes greatly de-valued, and ultimately becomes a 'safe queen' when the transport permissions are no longer granted. Government conveniently sidesteps compensation for financial loss in this de facto confiscation arrangement. The CZ 858 and Swiss Arms rifles immediately targeted for prohibition by this Bill were purchased legally for $1,500 and $4,000, respectively. Bottom line: No effect on criminals, further egregious intrusion into the lives of those who struggle every day to remain legal under the ever-changing goal posts, a clear intention by government for continued theft from gun safes across the country, and anything but fair to legitimate gun owners. Lies, smoke and mirrors.

Edit: From another thread:

If a doctor says "threat to himself or to others" it may show up in CPIC.
If the applicant says "mental health", the CFO may give the applicant an additional form for "permission to access medical records" at which point the CFO will get the records.

Thank you RangeBob, will edit or remove that portion when I put it together for submission.