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11-01-2012, 07:35 PM
So I recently joined Bladeforums and damn that was a huge mistake! At least for my wallet........... ;)

Anyways there is all kinds of knife makers, and members that sell their custom made knives, so I couldn't help myself when this little guy came up from another member there, Randy Nance, who makes knives.

Third from the left:


Neck/PSK Knife: A PSK sanded to 800 grit and dressed up with G-10 scales
OAL: 5"
Steel: 1/8" O-1
Blade: 2 1/2" Tip to Scales
Scales: Brown/Tan G10
Pins:1/4" thong tube for pins
Sheath: 8-9 oz leather neck sheath

So anyways I got the knife for $45 so I was pretty excited at such a deal, and even more so when it arrived. Now it wasn't perfect, and the grind was kinda all over the place, and not very sharp. The scales were also kind of sharp where they meet the blade, and the neck sheath wasn't my thing. I have some small neck knives with Kydex so wasn't gonna use it for such a purpose.

My plan was to mod the sheath and add a belt loop for a small fixed EDC, and so that nice hand made sheath came under the knife, no pun intended.

I stripped the stitching and cut the layers of leather apart to get to the back layer. Cut it down, and added a belt loop from some scrap leather, unfortunately not the right colour, but nice thick leather, and nobody is gonna see the back anyways, so........

Anyways here is the belt loop:


Now to the knife itself. I slightly rounded off the sharp edges on the G10. Simple enough, but once I started fiddling with it I couldn't stop. LOL. Being O1 tool steal it is not stainless at all so I was thinking of forcing some kind of patina with vinegar, or something like that, but I just so happened to be going through my junk drawer looking for a part for a WTB ad on CGN, and found my cold bluing kit from months ago. ;)

Long story short the blade was blued in no time. I didn't spend too much time on it, and was not after a perfect finish whatsoever. I like the way the different colours come out as the bluing is applied, and it is gonna jus wear off with use anyways.

Now to the grind, and edge on this bad boy. Took the Lansky to her for almost 1/2 hour re-profiling the edge to 30 degree's, and working out some of the gouges, and uneven spots that were on it. Then to the medium and fine grits, followed by the steel, and after almost an hours worth of work she was razor sharp. Push cutting a magazine page is about as sharp as it gets for me, and it is easily shaving sharp.

Anyways here she is:



Let me know what you think. I am pretty damn happy for $45 and a couple hours work.

Thanks for tuning in. ;)

11-01-2012, 07:45 PM
Nice! Sounds quite reasonable for a cool little knife!

The blueing is a interesting touch-looks aged in the photo? I like it.