View Full Version : Tony, Sheldon, and Rod - Why does anyone need a handgun in the city?

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09-14-2018, 09:23 AM
Sent today.


It seems no matter which way I turn some gun grabber is asking that question.

And the correct answer, which is just as valid outside the city as in, is conspicuously absent.

“You have a right to life, liberty, and security of the person. You have a responsibility to protect the lives, liberty, and security of the persons you love. Canadian law has always, as it does today, made provision for the use, carriage, and possession of handguns to protect life.”

No legitimate argument exists against use, carriage, or possession to protect life. The only question to be resolved is the extent to which government may interfere in your decision to carry or possess.

Our position must be that government may require a minimal level of knowledge and proficiency, but has no other legitimate role. No politician, no bureaucrat, no well-meaning busybody is qualified to determine when, where, or if you “need” a weapon to defend innocent life.

The miserable, mewling, slavish devotion to “sport only sport” as the historical response to gun grabbing may yet cost us everything. But, if we get off our knees, we may just win this battle against civil disarmament.

And win this battle we must, for the one sure sign that a man has descended into slavery is that he must seek his master’s permission to go armed.