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Gothic Line Armoury
12-21-2018, 09:10 PM
Hey all you magnificent bastards,

We're finishing off the year at Gothic Line Armoury INC on a full frontal attack!

We've just added our lifestyle page, with the main star of that being coffee from Arrowhead Coffee Company ☕ another Veterans owned and operated company in Canada. (PS.... We also have 712 coffee mugs to hold that awesomeness 😎)


Our AR parts offering has been expanded, with the awesome #ColtDiemaco stripped lower anchoring the squadron 🤘But we've also added something special, if you throw a Colt Diemaco stripped lower into the cart, and add our 712 mil spec lower parts kit..... You're automatically getting a 11% discount on the LPK.... Yup... a lower parts kit for $80.00 😲


But here's our biggest news. One of our focuses is long range, and we fully understand that the person that's going to be serious into reaching out is going to be developing their own loads. When it comes to projectiles, there's only one company that's continuously setting long range and accuracy records... and still holding them.... and that's Sierra bullets! And we are now a dealer for them 🤘😎🤘

Our first order is now in stock!!


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