View Full Version : Scope Rings for Savage 110

01-23-2019, 09:17 PM
To start this off right I know jack squat about scopes and mounting them.
Long story short an employee was given a Savage 110 and a scope (don't even know what the scope is yet)
What do I need to know to get rings for this thing it is already tapped for them.
Height of scope?
Length of scope?
Airspeed velocity of an African swallow?
Oh ya it's a .308

01-23-2019, 09:22 PM
Is there a scope base on the rifle already? Or were you looking at direct mount kind of rings?

01-23-2019, 09:42 PM
There are holes tapped into the receiver already.

road kill
01-24-2019, 07:51 AM
You will need to buy the correct bases to fit the Salvage 110, they get attached with the tapped holes in the receiver. The cheapest bases are Weaver available at just about every gun shop for 6-8 bucks, one or two piece. Looks like a #61 rear and a #46 front, or a #413 one piece base. If the rifle has an accutrigger use #46 for front and rear. That info is from the Brownells. Rings are next with Weaver being commonly available, they come in low medium and high, and that will depend on the scope. Rings need to be high enough so the scope doesn't touch the barrel or interfere with the bolt handle. You can go really cheap and buy Chinese made stuff or real expensive in the several hundred dollar range.