View Full Version : Reminder to the Senate

CLW .45
02-07-2019, 08:39 PM
Seemed like a good time to remind them.


Since just before Christmas I’ve been dealing with the pain of shingles. By all indications my experience has been much less severe than that which others have suffered. For that I am thankful.

We may make the same comparison between the pain that I will suffer, if you allow C-71 to become law, and that which will be suffered by those who have been, and will be, victimized by armed thugs throughout our nation.

Those who don’t know that use of weapons for protection of life, what better reason could there be for the use of anything, is actually a thing in Canada. Those who have been victimized by that vicious lie - you don’t need a firearm, you have police to protect you - and are now being treated to another whopper.

They are being told that C-71 will disarm the thugs from whom the police were unable to protect them. And, their suffering will only be increased when they discover the magnitude of that whopper.

Please, do the right thing. Deep six this vicious attack on the people of Canada.

Thank you,