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12-29-2012, 05:30 PM
I have had a pretty darn good season so far and have enjoyed every last minute out in the woods.... I had the opportunity to mentor a new hunter and have seen my oldest lad get even more into the sport... A few highlights....

I had my first ever chance to hunt ruffies over a good dog.... A good friend of mine just got him and his name is "Buddy"... I actually took the first ruffie shot over him... Hope he forgives me.... lol


During early deer season the farmer down the road had a problem with a yote hastling his freerange livestock... Whether it was luck or karma for this guy I took a morning off from the deer stand and grabbed my hand calls and took this guy at almost 200 with the .223 ..... He dropped like a stone and when I got him up on the scale he weighed in at 56 pounds... I think he had been gorging on the gutpiles at the hunt camp down the road...


Unfortunately, this was not the year I hung a head over the fireplace as I chased the bucks around and put up cam after cam in different locations but never got a sniff of a buck.... the rut was late last year and the does were late pushing off their fawns and going into heat.... I have since got a few bucks on cam but I took this nice doe on the last day of gun season and no regrets.... My B&C whitetail quest continues but this girl tipped the scales at 180 an dmy freezer is full of the best cuts of venison and will soon have a big pile of smoked sausage in it... yayyyyy .... :)


This was the first year my oldest took part in the processing.... as you can see I took a risk and entrusted him with a big piece of backstrap... He did a pretty damn good job of it too.... proud papa here.... :)


How have your seasons been?.... Started this so we can post and share our success.... no trophies necessary.... interested to see how you guys and gals have made out.... :)

Rory McCanuck
12-29-2012, 08:57 PM
We got 12" of snow the afternoon before rifle season started. I promptly put my back out shovelling and wrestling with the snowblower. All that snow made tromping through the fields a bunch of fun, even better with the displaced disc.

I didn't get a shot, but my hunting partner was able to fill both our tags, a button buck and a beautiful 8 pt. The 8pt was huge bodied, but had the cutest little basket rack, nicely formed, just small. Of course, after being hit he went straight into the bush, through willows along a creek. Amazing how far a dead deer can run before he gets the memo.
Dragging him out of the bush taught us a couple of things: We aren't as young as we once were; We're not in as good a shape as we once were; We need a quad, and no more shooting big deer!

I was really happy my buddy got two this year, as he hasn't had a shot for two years and I've been feeling like a shot-hog.
Hunting was fun this year, but as usual the visiting was even better.
No pics, just some memories, and some new hunting land explored.
All in all, a pretty good year. :D

12-29-2012, 09:43 PM
Not the best year, with at least 2 yearlings, and only does, but we had alot of fun. Not a whole lot of meat in the freezer, but thats a small part of the hunt for me. ;)

Yup, we red necks!


Decent size female coyote....


01-21-2013, 12:09 PM
:D well, i went hunting :D turkey hunting in october, grouse hunting in december...no pictures, no kills :D

turkey hunting i froze my butt off...needed warmer gear. i wiggle too much :D studied up about turkeys and was scared that i'd screw up my shot and see a half dead turkey running around...we didn't see one single turkey when i had a gun in my hand, so i think the turkeys knew i was there. for a first hunting experience it was beautiful despite the cold...the deafening sounds of canada geese taking off and the giant maple leaves crashing down...the colours of the leaves. when i wasn't shivering and trying to be still, i spent most of the time gathering nuts and large fuzzy caterpillars and dawdling bahahah. guess that's what happens when you take a hippy hunting :D we saw a grouse for a millisecond streaking through the woods with his tail up, which i was supposed to shoot but instead i pointed and shrieked 'shoot it!'...the grouse did not come back...didn't know what that bloody thing was bahahahaha

went home and learned about what grouse look like and then got ready to go shoot a grouse. strolled around and didn't see a single thing. heard one flapping around, but no dice.

hunting is so far so good :D i like the strolling around with my gun part. i got this :D now something has to go slowly in front of my gun and be still so i can shoot it...