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01-01-2013, 04:47 PM
Well letz start this new years of with a bang...
Well more like a ding because we don't like the banging of our optic's when using the SkS from the spent casings.
So me being the cheap blood hound dog that I am have been scouring looking for idea's on how to stop the spent cases from hitting my bushnell trs-25 with out magorly modifing the rifle but still able to use the red dot set-up that I got from bc tactical.
Well enough of my blowing wind. Let me show ya what I am talking about...
This little deviece that I got here:
(*Way cheaper than that rip off from hical*)
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1poPb-ay9Jnz4XMsDCCZX-Iooo8EGow5ROZTHxpiPXJB21W9a9GmAwQIUQ2MZaydiOq71pXL 56gGEIv2TUYV0PsaLV986hKVQE/IMG01224-20130101-1304.jpg?psid=1
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1phbDVtqNPBjyO5H4qnszQ7XTTRjOwgzsBQcCZ6UiaZ_AUYOO MaW7tDKCxkZ52RJampIwRHxGm_Vn7Ii1aeJkz85OmGe7tZX9d/IMG01225-20130101-1305.jpg?psid=1
But like everything it did not quite fit because of the rail sticks out a little bit and also the mounting leg part of the red dot caused a little interfeance but not to worry. That's what the metal shears are for ;)
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pY5iHpXSsxHS0aScRmGU8NeJqxnkykrzxcxkItwzjY3ieH1u syFcnvz30zQLcLBbJywV6FvLBh34Apsg8MEnF5OED4cq3283e/IMG01226-20130101-1318.jpg?psid=1
As you can see from these pictures it fit's perfectly under my UTG handguard rail system.
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1psEj2dy9XEAKaxiPQCwiB7LaYYiLO24oC1T7Rig7kKdQy7iU cZdSQG27Cbp-Xw3duf3O_DEdG0debnwPolEgtwNUYGUkw4jxV/IMG01228-20130101-1339.jpg?psid=1
https://fj0fpq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1psEj2dy9XEAJfr9WZjEYajKwYY4Gx6oT9HrOKRY2wbLGzKOm My_4t-TkmmmN2XvjmmXRF71Aa6aMgiJjaEOTzsbMP_6R7e6Xq/IMG01227-20130101-1339.jpg?psid=1
(*Huh??? Is that a spike bayonet on a Russian SkS???*)
Not quite correct. It is a paratrooper bayonet for the SkS. I purchased this also because I did not like the idea of the wire to my flash light rubbing against the blade and also it is much more stable when using it as a mono-pod when shooting prone. Plus my hand can grip the under side of the rifle and no longer do I get the imprint line after a day blasting on my off hand from holding it up.
I purchased it also from the same company:
Thought that some of you red rifle lovers my like this headz up ;)

01-02-2013, 11:41 AM
the side eject mod is pretty easy...couple of minutes with a dremel tool...

01-04-2013, 05:31 PM
Does that mod work well enough that you can go without a deflector?

01-04-2013, 11:21 PM
Don't like personaly screwing with the gas system cause I generaly blast a lot and one time screwed around with it and started to have all types of cycling issue's but the reciever mod worked fine but then again you are screwing with the reciever so that will take some time and access to tool but maybe BrotherRockeye can elaborate more on the matter.

01-05-2013, 01:01 AM
Satain, I think he's talking about dremeling the back corner of the ejection port so the casings fling out to the right... It's in your SKS Sticky?

01-05-2013, 10:27 AM
yep,just remove a little material...the right side deflector "ear" and instead of the case going up,it kicks straight out the side.no need for tin noise makers to protect your scope.

01-05-2013, 07:16 PM
Satain, I think he's talking about dremeling the back corner of the ejection port so the casings fling out to the right... It's in your SKS Sticky?
Yep, Didn't quite get it. As I thought that he was talking about enlarging the vent wholes with a dremil located on the gas tube.