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09-18-2019, 07:23 AM
Anyone get to Lake Erie this summer walleye fishing?

Lots and lots of fish. First time down in July we got 8 walleye(one about 9lbs) and 1 big Bow(12-13lbs) and a few farm creatures, before the weather(to freaking hot & sunny) shoved us off the lake looking for shade.
Second trip in August, we got 2 limits of walleye, no Bows and a couple farm creatures. Started at fishing @40ft and had our limit by 50ft of water, approx. 6km straight out from launch. Was to rough that day for my boat to get deeper where you have a better chance for a Bow. "They say" your chances are better for catching a Bow using a lure with a 'silver' back.
We run 2 lines down on riggers and 2 lines out and away with Dipsies. Bigger boats with more people (2rods/person) will run lead core back 5-7 colours(25ft/colour) and or multiple lines staged on planer boards. Don't forget the 'meat' we caught a lot of fish on worm harness, the big bow pictured was caught on a worm harness(twin silver back blades). It is a common occurrence to get 2 fish on one line when running sliders, bring a big net. Trolling speed varies, depending on waves, I like around 3mph(GPS speed), go much slower and you will start getting silver bass and farm creatures especially on 'meat' lures.

Aug trip- 2 walleye limits, largest was 6-7lbs. We had an awesome feast of walleye cheeks when we where done cleaning this bunch.

July trip- Nice Rainbow about 12-13lbs, cooler outside dimensions ~32inches
-We BBQed the Bow tail fillets on Cedar Planks. . .OMG was it good.

I don't have a big boat, Smoker Craft 14ft Deep-V c/w Merc 25hp main & Merc 2.5hp kicker, so I have to pick the day with care. We keep a constant eye on the sky and an ear out for weather warnings on the radio. At times we where as far out as 10km from Port Burwell in July(dead flat calm, very hot & sunny). I use https://weather.gc.ca/marine/region_e.html?mapID=11 www.windy.com and www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/ to check wind and wave conditions before I make the 3hr drive down to Erie.

I've heard stories of charter boats going thru 10doz worms on an outing.
A Ohio DNR study found the 2018 year class the strongest since the record 2003 year class.
Word is, the Ohio DNR expect this falls study to show the 2019 year class exceeds the record 2003 year class because the long cool wet spring allowed for better spawning conditions during & after the spawn period.
Fishing is expected to be great for the next few years.

Fish Cleaning. Just be aware, OMNR is known to set up 'Roadside Fish & Game' checks not far from a boat launch and they do on the water 'Field Checks'. So make sure you transport your cleaned fish home as per regulations.

09-18-2019, 09:32 AM
Had a friend go down to Erie this summer...he and his relatives literally caught dozens of walleye and rainbows over the weekend. I think the biggest walleye was about 7 pounds.