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Gothic Line Armoury
11-08-2019, 01:56 PM
We're proud to announce our new precision rifles series.

Here's a spotlight on one of our new precision rifles, the GLA712-L7A3.

In homage of our armoured military background, we've named these rifles after tank guns, the #L7A3 being a workhorse of tanks around the world.

It's a .308 rifle built with a Curtis Custom Vector 3 lug action with a 20 MOA integral rail, 1in9 K.S. Arms barrel chambered for the amazing M118LR sniper round, Triggertech flat diamond trigger all living in an MDT ACC chassis.

Retail for this will be $5714.95 and includes a hard case with custom cut foam and magazine.

It'll be up on our website soon 👊😎🤘

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