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01-09-2020, 02:57 PM
Howdy Folks! Come check out some .450 Bushmaster goodness. We have some of the Ruger offerings on for a bit of a discount so everyone can feel the .450 love. :tounge:

With everyone from Hornady to Buffalo Bore to Federal and more making ammo for this caliber it's usually not a difficult thing to find or order in and is reasonably priced for such a hard hitter.

Bullet weights range from sub 200 grains to almost 400 grains with some capable of muzzle energies of over 2800 foot pounds. This is a thumper of a caliber and extremely accurate out to about 250 meters or so.

Ruger Gunsite Scout .450 BM in Walnut


LINK TO BUY (https://wanstallsonline.com/ruger-gunsite-scout-rifle-450-bushmaster-16-1-quot-barrel-w-muzzle-brake-walnut/)

Ruger Gunsite Scout .450 BM in Synthetic


LINK TO BUY (https://wanstallsonline.com/ruger-gunsite-scout-rifle-450-bushmaster-16-1-quot-barrel-w-muzzle-brake-stainless-synthetic/)

Ruger American Ranch .450 BM


LINK TO BUY (https://wanstallsonline.com/ruger-american-ranch-450-bushmaster-fde/)

Ruger No. 1 .450 BM


LINK TO BUY (https://wanstallsonline.com/ruger-no-1-450-bushmaster-black-laminate/)

Some Ammo to Feed These Beasts - Federal Power-Shok .450 Bushmaster 300 Gr JHP


LINK TO BUY (https://wanstallsonline.com/federal-power-shok-450-bushmaster-300-gr-jhp/)

02-18-2020, 05:48 PM
Promo is over but we still have a few selections in stock.