View Full Version : GSG MP40 9mm Non Restricted!!

01-25-2020, 01:06 PM
Howdy all. We just received some GSG MP40 9mm rifles and they are NON-RESTRICTED !!!


GRAB ONE HERE (https://wanstallsonline.com/firearms/non-restricted-centerfire/semi-auto/gsg-mp-40-non-restricted-9mm/)

The classic German MP40 SMG is now available in a semi-automatic non-restricted version for Canada!

The self-loading blowback rifle in 9mm features a housing and handle made of die-cast zinc, a barrel made of cold-forged special steel, a milled steel breech, a strong extractor claw, an active ejector and a folding rear sight.


Caliber: 9x19 Para
Action: Semi-Auto
Magazine capacity: 5
Weight: 3.720 kg
Overall length: 33.07" - extended 41.65"
Barrel length: 18.5"
Number of grooves: 4
Folding Stock
1 magazine included