View Full Version : Combatives Training Interest? Empty hand, Knife, Stick?

01-22-2013, 12:49 PM
I've got a good friend (and business acquaintance for full disclosure) that runs a company out of Pennsylvania called Combative Edge. He is a long time student and very close friend of Dan Inosanto for anyone that knows the industry. He spent several years in the Philippines training as well as in the US under Dan. His style is distinctly Filipino, but with a western edge. It's quite brutal stuff, and he's a hell of an instructor.

I've been trying to get him to come up to do a few courses in Canada, like a 2-day deal. He's inquired about combining it into a 2-day camp with knife/empty hand along with two other instructors (one combat pistol and one tactical medic).

Here's the question; is there enough people here to put together a course? Would you prefer a dedicated 2-day knife/empty hand course vs a 3-instructor camp?

.. here's a vid grabbed off his site; there's even a younger, fatter me in there. Consequently, because of the ass-kicking he delivered to me that weekend last year I've added almost 25lbs of muscle and lost 13% BF. Next time he'll have to kick a more in shape mans ass. ;)