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02-23-2020, 11:33 AM

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the lower end TRUGLO 2x42 red dot sight. I'm looking at putting it on my wifes Remington 783 in .223.


05-12-2020, 02:31 PM
Hi Kswan - I haven't looked at this forum for months, then saw you've had almost 900 'views' with no reply !! what a lazy bunch here ;-) Hope I'm not too late with an answer or that you got some advice somewhere else. Anyway, I haven't used that Truglow, but have used some 'better' ones, and my thoughts run toward 'what are you using this for?' the 783-.223 is a good rifle and very accurate, but the red-dot is 2-3 MOA, so that will reduce your wife's accuracy for short and medium range. It would be good for 'quick, minute of tall animal' ;-) I have a Ruger 223 with a 4-12x and I shoot about 2-MOA at 200 yds. I plan to get a better scope to bring out more of the 223 accuracy. With the red-dot I don't think you can get near that and I would recommend either a variable power or fixed around 6x or better. If she is shooting for target accuracy I would get the best you can afford, tho even a low priced scope is better than most red-dots for targets. For hunting varmints, the red-dot could be OK, but the distance is the critical thing since the dot covers so much of the animal and making a clean kill a problem.

05-12-2020, 03:35 PM
more like not a lot of people used that sight...

05-13-2020, 06:30 AM
Ya, I was just looking at something cheap to give her and idea of shooting with one under 100 m. I used an EoTec years ago and found it ok at close ranges. So, I picked up a vector quite cheap and it's working out well for now.
Thanks for the reply.