View Full Version : Covid Update

03-23-2020, 12:30 PM
Here at Aztech Armory, we are all taking precautions and exercising appropriate social distancing, we are doing business as usual.

Product for the April import has been purchased and is secured in our AZ facility awaiting export licenses.
As you may know the US export licensing system has recently changed and there is not room here to go into detail about that, but we are up to speed on the new system. We are in close communication with the licensing agent working on our application, and we donít expect any delays due to licensing at this time. And, while the border is closed to non-essential travel, commerce is still moving so we donít foresee any issues there either.

The only issue we have at this time is the run on product in the US. Many of our suppliers are pushing longer lead times and, in some cases, product is sold out within minutes of being re-stocked. Because of this we are fast-tracking the purchasing of products ordered for the June shipment.
For this reason, we have amended our cancellation policy. At this time we cannot accept cancellations after 24 hours of placing the order without a re-stocking fee. So, we ask that you are 100% sure about your purchase prior to placing your order.

Thank you all again for your orders and the awesome support youíve shown over the years.