View Full Version : WANTED: Milsurp 'STAR BM' in GOOD to VERY GOOD surplus condition. Any leads or ideas, please?!

03-27-2020, 09:17 PM
Greetings, folks! Thrilled to be new to the FOC family!:canada: I'm in the market for a Milsurp STAR BM in GOOD to VERY GOOD surplus condition, but there aren't any to be found here in Canada. Classic Firearms in the USA has many of them for between $180 and $230 U.S. Are you able to get one for me? I'm here in Edmonton, AB and I haven't figured out how to have any U.S. Milsurp handguns shipped to Edmonton, though I can buy from their webstore. Can you be of any help to me, please? Even giving me some direction on this would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Gary Kristan

03-27-2020, 09:31 PM
You may want to remove you phone number. It’s likely to be picked up by the bots, and then bad things might start to happen...

There is an importer who still dies individual firearm imports, if FOC can’t help.