View Full Version : Boker Compliance - Yet another cool Boker design, and a very well built knife!!!

04-16-2012, 12:18 PM

Tell me that isn't a sexy knife! Designed by Chad Los Bano's and turned into a production knife by Boker Plus, it seemed a super cool design and i had to have it. I don't know why but when I saw this I just had to have it. Well, I am sure the $30 price tag had something to do with it, but the reviews all praised this knife.

I have to agree with them, and I can't say I have ever seen a better quality knife for this kind of money!

It is a smaller knife with a 2.6 inch cutting surface, but the design and jimping make it seem larger. I just sold a Benchmade Aphid to get this and that was more than double the cost of this knife, but I like this much better.

It is called the compliance because it is made to comply with German laws about one handed opening knives, and as you can see has no thumb studs, just a strange protrusion to open the knife. Interesting design, and although I am use to having a thumb hole or stud, I can deal with it. G-10 scale, and a stainless frame lock on the opposite side, as well as a stainless half spacer. The lockup is perfect, and the blade is centred well. It is a super sharp blade, and is a super thin hollow grind, that I am going to have to be careful with. The tip of the blade thins out to almost nothing, and is definitely not going to be up to any hard use, but that was obvious by the size of the knife anyways. I do find it strange they put such a nice heavy frame lock into a knife that is not going to need it, but it is different and adds to the quality feel of the knife. It is 440c and is not bad for the cost of the knife, being very similar to AUS8 in my experience. So far I have only used it to cut paper, a couple pieces of tape, etc, but it seems to be good for a small EDC for everyday light duties. It is also easy to carry even in a sheeple friendly environment as it is small, and the pocket clip allows for very deep carry.

Anyways here is a video review that helped me make my decision.


Overall a very cool/strange design, and I really like it. I have a Spyderco Delica that is my go to EDC, but it is nice to have a couple others to spice things up. This will be my more sheeple friendly EDC, and it fits that bill very well and is going to be used quite a bit I imagine. I do have other more bland designs for the purpose such as the Fallkniven U4 but this will be a nice change.