View Full Version : Bushnell Mini-Cannon - Vortex Sparc II - Leupold Prismatic

11-29-2020, 05:29 PM
OLD vs. New

I have these so I thought I would just show them. Good to see the size of optics. No crazy in depth review.

Bushnell is the smallest. Solid. Could be a bit brighter though. Tiny optical window.

Sparc is nice a bright. Seems a little bulky with all the extra dials and switches. Small optical window. Widest optic.

Leupold - Tank like solid. Super bright. Great optic. So easy to look through. Large 30mm? optical window Not sure why these were discontinued. Longest, 1 1/4" longer than sparc.

A little pricey when new but now you can get them for less than a Holosun. And I would take a Leuplod over a Holosun or vortex any day.

I did go out and buy a second Leupold Prismatic. Reticle pic shows a little bloom, camera effect - and it's alot brighter.

Anyway. Just some show and tell if anyone is curious to optic sizing.

Camo tung
11-29-2020, 05:43 PM
Every time I look at a Keltec it gives me the optical illusion that there is a bend from the buttstock to the barrel, I don't know why. What do you think of the top rail for optics mounting? Good for what you're using? I've seen some chatter online about that top mount, suggestions it's not stiff enough or mounted well enough to handle a heavier optic.

11-29-2020, 06:17 PM
Read some older threads / comments about the top rail coming loose. I have had no issues with mine ( 2 of them). General maintenance - Clean your rifle and check fasteners / pins and do-dads. Keeps everything working just fine.
Sparc II is what is currently on them - Mounted Leupold but no range time yet.
The top rail is Solid, 4 allen screws up front and 2 out back - yes it is a separate piece unlike an AR platform. But no one has concerns when they use 2 little screws to mount a little rail on their Bolt gun to hold their 2lb $4000 optic.